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In trying to defend the Selangor Government's decision in buying land owned by Talam which 80% of it consist of water, Chief Minister, Khalid Ibrahim and DAP Publicity Secretary, Tony Pua had lied to rakyat especially the Selangorian, by claiming that Bursa Saham and Security Commission had made evaluations on the price of the land.

In short, DAP and Selangor government tried to defend their decision in buying the overpriced land which do not bring any profit and at the same times uses the names of Bursa Saham and Security Commission. 

What they are trying to tell is that the purchase is legit and the price has been evaluated by through the right channel.

However, everything changed on July 12 when Trinity Corporation Berhad (previous name for Talam Corporation Berhad) came out with a notice to Bursa Saham saying that the statement given by Khalid Ibrahim and Tony Pua claiming that Bursa Saham and Security Commission had made evaluations on the price of the land is NOT TRUE.

Here is the link which can be used as reference:

This then raised another question about the credibility of both of these clown leaders who dared to lie to rakyat just to cover the scandal within the administration for spending people of Selangor's money.

We need to remember that prior to 2008, Talam Corporation owed money to Selangor government, but when Pakatan Rakyat took over, things went the other way round and for now, state government owed money in order to settle Talam's financial issue when Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI) bought all of Talam's debt to a few other state government subsidiary companies worth RM392 million.

That is just the cash part, other transactions including transaction of property asset worth RM676 million is one of the things that are being debated now.

And while Khalid Ibrahim as the CM tries to convince Selangor's people that the debt management actually follows all of the procedures, we were then shocked by statement made by Talam themselves saying that the evaluation process of the property did not include any third party (Bursa Saham and Security Commission) like what was claimed by Khalid and Tony Pua.

So can we say here that it is true what MCA Youth Professional Bureau Chief, Datuk Chua Tee Yong said that the land at Bestari Jaya which was bought by Selangor government from Talam is actually RM42 million more expensive than regular market price ???

I don't see any reason why we can't say such thing. 

Even though during their press conference, they did say a lot of things, but to make things short, Khalid Ibrahim and Tony Phua only defended the transaction with one excuse which is Bursa Saham and Security Commission had made evaluations on the price of the land, which is now proven to be a lie.

This actually show that, within two weeks, Pakatan Rakyat was caught red handed twice. 

First was when they use the names of Bursa Saham and Security Commission to justify their purchase, and the second time was when yesterday, a pro-opposition media portal, Free Malaysia Today (FMT) openly admitted that they had given wrong facts regarding Lynas Corporation Berhad which those fact was use 100% by Pakatan Rakyat supporters in objecting the operation of Lynas in Malaysia.

Conclusion is, there are a lot of doubts when it comes to financial management for Selangor since it was controlled by Pakatan Rakyat. 

Being at the top, obviously companies such as Talam, who had severe debt prior to March 2008, could influence Selangor government, under Pakatan Rakyat to take over the debts that by the end of the day, rakyat had to suffer from Khalid Ibrahim's actions.

And that is just one matter, there are more big issues ahead and the big one would be near, the water issue.

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