Friday, 29 June 2012


The era of Indonesia's post-reformation in May 1998, was believed that would bring change to the country somehow did not end with the way its people might have wanted. 

After the success of street protests to bring Suharto down, the close relationship between multiple ethnic and religion which was good then began to deteriorate because of widening prejudice. 

Society began to fight against one another. 

Small cases turn big for no valid reason. 

On November 21, 1998 for example, following a fight between the son of a Village Chief of Ketampang, Jakarta with several gambling premises employees were among the early events associated with violence between Muslims and Christians from Ambon, Maluku. 

Begin with that incident, a group of 400 gangsters from Ambon has been sent by the Chinese owners at dawn to the village Ketapang to cause trouble and damaging the public properties there. 

Other than injuring the area which had a majority Muslim in the population, some mosques were damaged as well in the sudden attack. 

Other residents were aware of the situation then began to fight back and finally drove the Ambon ethnic gangs away. 

But the next morning, thousands of Muslims from different regions and causing mass riots in the area raided the China Town Jalan Hayam Wuruk and Jalan Gajah Mada. 

After performing the riots there, a large group of Muslims then headed towards Jalan Zainul Ariffin, a place where a number of Ambon tribe people worked and they then began to kill some of Ambon people. 

In the middle of the riot, the raged mob also set fire to and destroyed a number of churches and Christian missionary schools. 

The Indonesian military finally intervened and managed to defuse the violence followed by a move to repatriate part of their Ambon employees to Maluku. 

After that event, the relationship between the Muslims and Ambon Indonesian Christian tribes had gotten intense. 

Within less than a year later, clashes between Muslim and Christians in Maluku occurred on a large scale lasted until 2002. 

So, it is proven that reform is not worth it. 

In reality, it would only lead to chaos, especially to ethnic and religious groups in Indonesia.

Perhaps the picture below can open up our minds widely, how irresponsible (definitely the Malaysia's opposition party) trying to adapt and repeat the worst ever incident happen in Indonesia to happen in Malaysia recently.

Are we Malaysians need to have fate like Indonesia which still remain poor and dependent on the IMF as the financial resources ???

Are we Malaysians have prepare ourselves to live in destitution in war with each other ???

Are we Malaysians have prepare ourselves to face the economic downturn while the decline and fall of Islam's Empire also our own country ???

Are we Malaysians have prepare ourselves to lose all that we have today ???

Are we truly prepared ???

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