Wednesday 22 May 2013


The issue of racial polarization in Malaysia seems to be getting worse. 

This issue can clearly be seen during GE13 where almost 100% Chinese rejected Barisan Nasional government. 

Whatever their excuse may be, rakyat are mature enough to know that such rejection came from the confidence that DAP will manage to implement Chinese supremacy in this country.

Fact is, the Chinese refuse to be led by Barisan Nasional because it is led by Malays.

Thus, the Chinese refuse to recognize the social contract which unites all races in this country. 

Hence, refuse to recognize the Constitution especially Article 152/153 even though they know that it is one of the many reason which has been keeping this country away from conflicts such as Indonesian reform.

The Chinese might have forgotten that May 13 tragedy happened due to the issue as same as Indonesian reform where the original population were not satisfied with the Chinese as they kept on taking benefits from their own home soil. 

This happened because the original population were left out in terms of education and economy during occupation era to avoid any rebellion. 

From there, original population can no longer 'catch up' or compete with the Chinese which were given more chance to learn.

Thus, to balance this out, Malaysia has outlined the rights of original population clearly - not to take away the rights of immigrants, but to ensure that immigrants would not snatch away all the rights of the original population.

However, the Chinese still refuse to give in and kept on questioning the rights. 

Not just that, they kept on asking and demanding for more without even considering the consequences to the social structure, or even the country's future.

Despite of being given the rights to isolate their children from other races through vernacular schools, the Chinese remain unhappy. 

They want to go further towards making a bigger racial gap, by demanding that the government should recognize UEC, a high school examination which uses Chinese language and different syllabus from the national education policy, which goes against Education Act 1996.

UEC is divided into three levels, Junior Middle (UEC-JML), Vocational (UEC-V) and Senior Middle (UEC-SML) where all of it uses Mandarin, UEC-SML covers mathematics, all science subjects and all subjects in trade course.

Dong Zong's excuse saying that UEC is recognized by high schools in countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia and Canada is irrelevant to be compared to the scenario in Malaysia. 

Especially now, with clear racial gap, which is very dangerous for the future of the country.

Not just the racial gap, the issue where most Chinese children are unable or weak in the usage of the national language should be taken as a serious issue.

It is now time for this issue to be given full attention, and rectified by the government.

What the Chinese demanded is not good for the country, or even for their own race. 

If their demands are followed, this will lead Malaysia to a country which does not unite.

That is why, all of the demands made by these kiasus should be stopped, now.

The Chinese showed that they would not move and keep on demanding things which will not benefit the country. 

This race has proven that they are never open for discussion.

We need to remember that the government bears the responsibility to developing Malaysian, in line with the concept of 1Malaysia. 

How can that be possible if UEC and vernacular schools, became the wall to stop this aspiration ???

Thus, the government should close all chance for discussion with the Chinese regarding this matter and for once, say no.

'No' means 'no'

Accept it, or else, they might as well migrate to the countries which recognizes UEC, that is the only way !!! 

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