Thursday, 6 September 2012


PAS is DAPigs dog !!!

Yes !!! 

PAS should be described as DAP's dog. 

Why not ??? 

There are a lot of facts which justifies the point.

They would listen to their master that they even went to the length of going against their friends.

Even their principal was wiped off, all just so that they could cater to DAP.

Because of DAP, they even let lose of Islam's dignity as PAS let Christians use the word Allah for their reference.

For the sake of DAP, PAS stood to its master, letting bars and pubs, massage centres and prostitution blossom around Selangor and Kedah.

Because of DAP, PAS sacrificed Hasan Ali just because he was actively involved in raiding those 'entertainment' centres.

Because of DAP and because PAS leaders cannot think as far, one by one Muslims began to convert out from Islam and as the Religious Department tries to curb it, PAS then came to attack the department.

For the sake of DAP, mosques became the place for DAP's Christian leaders to run their political speeches to Muslims.

Because of DAP, PAS began to dream too big about gaining power, PAS destroyed Felda's planning with their cunning propaganda just so that DAP would be happy to see Felda vanish.

Everything is because of DAP, those are not illusions but they are facts. 

Aren't those enough to prove that PAS is DAP's dog ???

Are you willing to vote for DAP's dog ???

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