Friday 23 March 2012



Considering that the election's getting closer, the opposition is going more active by making Felda as their target to mess around. 

Maybe their point of view, it is the 'smartest' issue that they can gain a political mileage. 

Rather than before, they only have Datin Seri Rosmah to whack the government and the Prime Minister for their idiot provocation.

Previously, PAS's Vice President, Salahuddin Ayub, made a fuss in the Parliament, urged the government to form a special Parliamentary Committee to discuss on the listing of Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH) in Bursa Malaysia. 

The excuse was that there were developers that rejected the listing of FGVH through memorandum and court injunction to stop subsidiary company of Felda from being listed in Bursa Malaysia this May/June this year.

With that, he urged that the government to form a referendum between Felda and Felda developers to gain the real numbers of those who support or those who oppose to the decision.

It is clear here that Salahuddin and PR, in general, do not care for developers or anyone, but they just want to gain some political mileage and publicity to get around.

The same strategy was adapt in the issue of Lynas when they choose to go around the streets and organize demonstrations instead of finding the right solution accordingly as the law.

Yet, in the issue of Felda, they choose the law and spend off the public's money rather than solving it in peace and diplomatic method through Emergency General Meeting (EGM). 

By doing so, this would provide more publicity and political mileage for the opposition.

But the fact is, if the excuse is to get the real picture of developer's support on this listing, it could have definitely been done during the previous EGM.

This would be more democratic measure where votes could be taken to find the solution that would satisfy everyone.

But PAS was the one who decided to cancel the EGM that was supposed to be held on February 29. 

But now, they are pushing that referandum between the two sides should be formed.

What is the rational for PAS's action ? This just shows that the opposition just love to create havoc, right ?

True, the number of Felda developers are 112,635 and only 1,300 out of the number were chosen as representatives in KPF. 

But KPF's representatives are responsible to bring the majority voice of developers from each of their areas and there's no excuse that the 1,300 does not represent the majority voice of 112,635.

Just imagine how long and how much it would cost to form the referendum to gain opinions of 112,635 developers from all around Felda. 

PAS seemed illogical and this showed that PAS is irrational, unprofessional and unrealistic. It's fair if i put them as "insane" !

In other words, PAS only wants to prolong the issue of Felda to provide points that they can use in speeches for election campaigns in the future. 

This has nothing to do with the fate of developers or just about anyone.

What PAS is doing would only create losses to developers as PAS would like to deny the "instant benefit" that these developers would enjoy through the result of the listing.

PAS seemed afraid if those developers gain those benefits as promises, this would show how smart the government is and as well as Felda's management. 

Thus, making BN even more stable in Felda.

Pssstttt... dh lebih setahun tak kuar entri in English... ekekeke...

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