Tuesday 21 August 2012


It is time for Muslims to sit back and think… time to reflect on their future given the sad state they are in several countries where they are minority.

What I am talking about is Muslims in Malaysia who are born Malays and who are presently split based on their political beliefs and philosophies.
Disunited and not in monopoly of any economic activities, the future looks bleak and gloomy if the country falls into the hands of those who are willing to sell their souls just to be called number one in the country by title.

Right now Malays who are Muslims are split in three different political parties with three different ideologies and beliefs and like it or not, every each of them claims they are the one championing the Malay-Muslim cause and struggle.

Whatever these causes and struggles are, the fact is they are at loggerheads and are willing to bring each other down by any means just to be in power.

Right now the country is seeing Anwar Ibrahim doing anything to be in power, a Machiavelli’s the end justify the means method without any regrets or consideration on the damage after that.

Even the current damage to relationship between Muslims, country’s economy, stability and peace are ignored as he tramples his way towards achieving his goal to be at Putrajaya.
In Rohingya, the Muslims are treated like dirt on the road, no honour or considered lower than animals... even animals are being treated more humanly.

They are prohibited from performing their prayers, some force to eat pork and some forced to sweep temples, in short treated like slaves.
Why ??? 

Because they are not united, no leader and not in monopoly of anything such as economy or politics.

Take for example Penang and Selangor, things are changing where the Muslims are treated just like – not at present – a second class citizens.

Mosques cannot do the azan loudly and committee members of these mosques are being dictated upon, no longer having a free hand to conduct religious activities.

Things are not as normal as when the BN was ruling with the present ruling state governments prohibiting bit by bit those religious activities that were traditionally conducted with interferences.

Economically, Malay small businesses and stalls are being moved to uneconomical places, rentals increased where these entrepreneurs could not afford and several other methods are being used to subtly reduce or eliminate their existence.

Given the background in other countries and comparing them with Malaysia under the BN rule, Malays and Muslims will now have to sit back and think.

Do not give in to emotions and anger which cloud the clear thoughts as the world is changing fast and Malaysia is under pressure to change and this change, not for the better but for the worse for the Malays and Muslims are being pushed non-other by Malays and Muslims leaders such as Anwar Ibrahim for their own personal interests.

They should seriously reflect on this and act fast before their children become slaves in their own country or tools for others.

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