Friday 24 August 2012


Will PAS leave PR ??? 

Hahaha.. Yeah... Rite... ?!!!

PAS just can't go on trying to tame DAP stalwart Karpal Singh on Hudud laws and PAS coommitment on an Islamic theology state once they gains power. 

Karpal needs to be stopped from blasting his mouth before the Islamic party loses more support from the Malays.

So... what happens now is PAS leaders does not speak up anymore to rebutt or reply to Karpal’s statements on Hudud laws or Islamic state. 

“Let the dog barks as the mountain will not be moved,” said a PAS member.

PAS is in a dilemma in this while trying to maintain a good and functional relationship with DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) for the coming general election. 

Any wrong slight move would make PAS lose the support of the Malays from PKR what more the non-Malay that votes the party they received in 2008 general election.

The dilemma that the party is in right now, may cost them many seats whose voters are supporters of DAP and PKR as the issues which Hudud laws and Islamic theology state are two sensitive issues with the non-Malays and liberal Malays.

PAS leaders have not openly criticised Karpal or pressured DAP right hand man – father and son, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng – to make a stand on the issue. 

What they have been doing at present is just let Karpal speaks and they themselves have been very soft on the matter, preferably playing safe so as not to lose the support of non-Malays and liberal Malays in both parties which have been their partners-in-arms in the last general election.

For now, PAS is facing a problem on how to maintain their seats without depending on the votes of supporters of DAP and PKR, which is very impossible to do if they "break off" from Pakatan.

It is totally and equally impossible chances if they make a hard stand on Hudud laws and the Islamic theology state.

So they play the middle path but this has given rise to resentment from among its members at grassroot level who are more keen to openly make their stand on the reality of their struggles which is to have an Islamic state.

With their current leaders playing politics more than pursuing their struggles, they doubt they would achieve what they have been sacrificing all along as they watch the political scenario changes with the party they are in playing second fiddle to DAP and PKR in the unregistered alliance of Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

PAS, considered the dominant party besides DAP that caters for Chinese voters in the opposition, is now losing its hold and position with Karpal’s constant flare-ups on Hudud laws.

Thus, the party leadership needs to decide urgently wheater to stay in PR or go alone, as the decision will have a breat bearing on the support they may get in the coming general election.

If they go alone, they will get the real votes of Muslims who wanted the Islamic state and if they continue to be with PR, they get support from Chinese voters but the party will be subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the parties whose votes the party depend on.

Given such situation, PAS need to think between playing politics and struggling for the cause the party has been fighting for the last 60 years.

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