Friday 18 September 2015


Ringgit is depreciating fast. The stock market in Malaysia is plummeting! 

But for Uber taxis in Malaysia, business is booming. 

The technology has transformed the road transportation landscape in Malaysia and payment is “easier” by charging to your credit card.

The growing trend of passengers simply wanting “more comfort and a safe journey” has fuelled the demand for Uber in Malaysia. 

A chat with some Uber drivers revealed that some passengers are spending RM5,000 – RM10,000 for Uber services per month. 

That includes long trips to Genting Highlands, nights out clubbing in KL and many other services. 

Recent promotions by Uber to surprise lucky passengers in a 2013 McLaren MP4-12C went viral in Malaysia. 

Click to view the video below.

When asked who are Uber’s high paying passengers, an Uber driver, who declined to be named said: 

“Well, I think that some of our high paying passengers are either models, high class escorts, or mistresses. But they never revealed their exact jobs or what they do for a living.”

“What I know, is that they want a safe ride to their destination. And we provide that,” added the driver, who drives the latest Mercedes E250 CGI.

It is not surprising as the state of the regular taxi in Malaysia is coming to an end. 

The rent of regular taxis that you see on the road is around RM50 – RM100 per day. 

Despite that, the condition is horrendous. 

Just look at our taxis compared to Singapore, Hong Kong, London and even at our neighbouring country Indonesia. 

Whilst Indonesia taxis are using Toyota, we are still using the old Proton model which was built in the 1980s!

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