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Saudara Anwar, Once I had high regards for you and the aspirations that you propagate which seemed to shine like a beacon for the brighter future of the country, race and religion.

That was the time when you were revered and placed on a pedestal for all to admire and emulate. Alas, you chucked all our hopes aside for your own selfishness and quest for power. Now, you are just like the rest of the corrupt and maniacal politicians whose only aim is to wield more power and use it to your advantage.

I’m very disillusioned at having reached this stage after years of adoring you – the wrongly-thought gift God has given Malaysia to lead and protect its people. Perhaps, because of what you have done (and capable of doing in future), He has taken it all way from you. To me, your time is up as far as politics is concerned as you have shown in many ways that you cannot be trusted, that you are a liar, a coward and a traitor to the nation and Malaysians.

I did not come to this conclusion on the days when Dr Mahathir announced your sacking and expulsion as DPM and Umno deputy president although Dr Mahathir, I noticed, seemed sincere when he said you were no longer suitable to be a leader because of your low morals. My perception and judgement are based on you yourself.

Let me state the facts of my case. These feelings I have penned down are not only mine, but are also of the thousands of people – from taxi drivers to your kampung folks - I happened to meet after the tragedy that befell you. Your actions and statements thereon showed your hypocritical self. Saudara, you have resorted to telling lies after lies after your sacking. You are a desperate man and it is understandably so after you have lost your fight to stop yourself from being tried in court, despite the demonstrations and the unrest that you have created.

I know you think you are a smart politician – playing on the people’s minds with your brand of politics of diversion. Every day after the date you were sacked as DPM and from Umno, I was at your house without fail to hear about what you have to say to defend yourself. I was among the hundreds who huddled in the corners oblivious of anyone else to witness my idol tell his side of the story. I was at your roadshows too. But why did you have to speak at length on the reformation and the injustice the Government had committed by sacking you, or why initiate the people to take the law into their own hands.

You also spoke of the conspiracy by certain people to oust you. BUT you treated very lightly the core issues and questions on the minds of almost everybody in and outside Malaysia - the sexual charges against you. Did you or did you not commit all these despicable acts? The police have been following and recording your immoral activities since 1993. So what conspiracy are you talking about? You thought you would be able to make it to PM and then, you would be invincible but you can only propose, it is God who disposes.

You never answered this with a stern and committed NO. You would touch on this subjects in passing like they were not important to you when in fact, these are the questions you need to answer. Is it not serious enough for you to explain, qualify and justify the fact that you had been alleged to have sodomised several men, had sex with prostitutes and transvestites, and also, your very close relations with Nalla, whose known as a pimp in the VIP circle.

You tried to seduce someone’s wife and when asked at the Umno Supreme Council, you resorted to lies to defend yourself and said that you did not ask her to spread her legs for you. What is the matter with your Islamic self now, is it not a sin for you to even suggest that she goes out on a date with you, especially when you told her not to tell her husband of your telephone calls.

You, the Islamic leader of the region, refused to address the sexual allegations against you. Instead, in your fiery speeches, you keep digressing to reformasi, the corrupt government and the so-called conspiracy. Something must be truly wrong if you keep trying to avoid talking about the sexual allegations which would lessen the doubts of people like me.

In the years of knowing you, I noticed that not once have you allowed anyone to get the better of you. You must have the last say but in defending the sexual allegations against you, your near silence said it all – that you are guilty and you know this. But to admit would be too much of a risk on your political career. To you, political power is everything! In hardly a week, you have digressed and swayed the attention of the little band of men who support you - from what was actually the claim of sexual improprieties against you and your corrupted practices to a fight for reformation and justice. Justice for what – for Anwar Ibrahim at the expense of the country’s harmony and peace-loving Malaysians? I don’t think Malaysians will allow this.

Even Time magazine, which is anti-government or very pro you, cannot change what the people think of you. In its current poll, 93.34% of the 76, 622 respondents believed you were guilty of the charges against you while 6.29% thought you were innocent while 0.35% said they did not know.

It looks like you friends in Time are already prejudging you as they too know that they cannot change the opinion of the masses that you are guilty - even after they tried slanting their articles in your favour. Now the world knows that you are like a caged rat, trying every second to squeeze through the smallest hole despite knowing that there is no escape.

The country’s development was built upon the strengths of Prime Ministers Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Dr Mahathir Mohamad. They have strived very hard for Malaysia to be what it is today. They are not perfect though, they make mistakes but at the end of the day, their hearts are for the people.

On the contrary, you are not interested in the prosperity, harmony and peace enjoyed in this country. If you have a problem, you should wait for the general elections to voice your dissatisfaction. Instead, you thrive on the chaos you created with your supporters in KL and some states to show that you have support. I have been to these demonstrations where your supporters taunt the policemen and even beat up their fellow supporters when they got into a violent frenzy. Is this the Malaysia you want? One which is built on the ashes of disputes and bloody baths like those which happened in Indonesia?

I am sorry to say that Malaysians will not allow these acts for we do not want to pass on to my children and their children a chaotic and unlivable Malaysia. For your selfish end, you may want to forget 1969 but most Malaysians do not want a repeat of that. Saudara, you are not infallible. You are just another human being and liable to make mistakes and commit sinful acts like those before you.

You have been denying all these sexual allegations but you have never sounded convincing. You may try to deny about yourself not being corrupt. You talk about reformasi or corruption in the government or the justice that you seek but why is it that you cannot defend your cases of sodomy and other sexual improprieties in the same manner.

I can never understand is why you chose to be so close to Nalla – the well known pimp for the VIPs and worse, he comes from Magnum, a gambling company which should be taboo to your Islamic image and well-being. Because of Nalla’s track record and his company, shouldn’t you stay as far away as possible from him.

How can you call yourself an Islamic leader when you associate yourself with someone whose morale is lower than a snake’s belly. I also cannot understand what you see in Nalla and why you try hard to defend him. I believe you can always find a tennis friend besides Nalla, one who can give you more credibility. But you chose Nalla, and out the window goes your credibility. Tell us why Nalla is so special? Why didn’t you play tennis (if tennis is what you played with Nalla) with your ABIM friends?

You told your children that you had sworn in a Batu Pahat mosque that you did not commit these sexual acts but no one saw the swearing and thus, it was not convincing. You have been smart in politics but surprisingly, you seem or pretend to be naïve about the best way for you to free yourself of these sexual allegations.

All you need to do then was to take that Quranic oath in front of some people or ulamaks and if possible, videotaped it for distribution throughout the country. I think every Malaysian, especially the Muslims, would have believed that you had not committed what your are accused of.

It would be better if you, Azmin and Shamsidar (Azmin’s wife) all swear upon the Quran in a mosque in front of Harun Din. How’s that for a religiously accepted PR exercise? This is the best solution. The Malays, muslims and even the non-muslims will then believe you but no…..all of you did not do this, why? It is strange when I think, as a learned man and with the backing of the think tanks around you, you would have the sense to do this simple act of swearing but you did not.

If you had done this earlier, all Muslims would have believed but why didn’t you? Instead, you said outside a mosque once “saya bersumpah” (I swear) without referring to anything or any allegation against yourself. Ibrahim Ali challenged you to swear upon the Quran and your reply – instead of “I accept the challenge as I am innocent” – was “who is Ibrahim Ali to tell me to do such a thing (swear upon the Quran)”. It is too late now, you would have had my support had you done as I mentioned which is simple and would have been thought of by the most smallest of PR consultancies.

Thus far, you have only spoken of reformasi or corruption or about anything else except of your sexual allegations. You try hard to avoid such questions to distract the people’s attention. In fact, you have orchestrated events until they have reached a stage where everyone has forgotten about Anwar’s sex acts and are now talking about reformasi and taking over the government. You may think that your “politics of diversion” is good but Malaysians know better, please do no underestimate their intelligence.

We often wondered why you were always in a hurry to jump to other topics and would not mention the sexual allegations extensively. Instead, you keep harping on conspiracy of the highest level by the police, AG’s chambers and the judiciary, all these to avoid answering the charges against you Anwar- the liar and coward My teacher once said that “If you want to do anything, be the best in it.’’ My teacher would have admired you, Anwar, for you are one of the greatest liars on earth. You lie through your teeth and like my friends, I have learnt to take your words with a barrel of salt.

During the Umno assembly when Pemuda Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi brought up the issue of nepotism and cronyism in the Government, he was lambasted by all members and Dr Mahathir. When that happened, your cronies went around to clarify that Anwar Ibrahim did no have a hand in Zahid’s speech and that Zahid acted on his own. But when you were sacked from the Government and party, you said that it was you who had told Zahid to bring up the issue. This showed your hypocrisy. You did not even want to save Zahid, now he is in a quandry after everybody knows that he had brought up the nepotism and cronyism issues upon your directive.

You also said that you would never think of challenging Dr Mahathir for the presidency post and likened him to a father. But after your sacking, you said that Dr Mahathir was afraid of you as you would challenge him in the Umno elections next year. What kind of talk is this?

You said you gave your blood for the DNA but you did not, and when this lie was discovered by the Press when they interviewed you, you just refused to elaborate. You seem to talk only about things you want to so that you can distract the attention of the people and sway their minds to where you want them to go. You seem to be quite good at this but you played on the same card ever so often that people have begun to doubt your sincerity.

You criticised the Media, saying that they were biased but I guess they were no different from the time when you challenged Tun Ghafar Baba and used all kinds of unscrupulous tactics, including the local newspapers and television, to oust him. You planned your move through lies. Soon after your sacking, you spoke about the police wanting to arrest you but when the police did not, you took to the streets to taunt the police to arrest you.

They did not arrest you but you wanted so much to be arrested under the ISA. Then when you were arrested under the ISA for leading your supporters who broke several things at the Putra World Trade Centre and inciting them to burn the PM’s house, of course you said, “I told you” to the miserable looking lot you call your supporters.

You knew you might have the HIV virus because of your butt-punching activities. So, as a contingency plan, you said the police wanted to inject you with the HIV virus. This will facilitate you well. If you are found to be HIV positive, he will say that you had been injected, and then you will tell your supporters “I told you”.

Then you created the demonstrations so that you would not be brought to court for fear that all your sexual secrets would be revealed. So you told your supporters to demand your release so that your sexual acts will remain secrets. You failed and are now in court but you already have a contingency plan. You told everyone that the country’s legal system would not give you a fair trial so that if you are found guilty, you would fall back on his statement. In fact, the foreign press and your strongest supporters are already giving the impression that our courts are biased. They are building up this case for you so that when you are found guilty, they will say “I told you so” too. Smart! Now you are thinking of plan B, which is to resort to more violence if the court case is not going in your favour or if you know you will be convicted.

When you led demonstrators along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, you had the cheek to leave your supporters, wife and children, and rode a motorcycle back to your house as you feared “the demonstration was getting out of hand”. Is this the mark of a true Islamic leader, abandoning your cause, supporters, wife and children. What cowardice.

Even when you wanted to oust Tun Ghafar , you showed your cowardice by getting almost the whole Cabinet to stand behind you before you announced your fight against Tun Ghafar. You needed everyone around you so that you would feel secure instead of fighting your cause yourself.

Anwar- the destroyer of peace You only think of saving yourself. You created chaos which affected businesses and damage the image of the country. The bad publicity is causing doubts among foreign investors and this is affecting Malaysia and Malaysians – from businessmen to the common folks. You don’t care. You only claim you care for the people. But the truth is that you care only for your selfish self ! They have to face unemployment, loss of livelihood and earnings, and a period of fear and uncertainty because of your doings.

Come Apec, you will again initiate pockets of demonstrations but this time, you plan so that they are scattered throughout the country to show to foreign journalists that this so-called dissent of the people is a nationwide phenomena. You are just sick and deranged.

If you are stripped of your “religious image”, you are nobody but a womaniser and homo. You will be just like Ustaz Ashaari (or Abuya ) of Arqam who was once revered of his Islamic knowledge but behind that Islamic face is SATAN in hiding.

You claimed that the Government is corrupt but it is the same Government you were in before. If it is corrupt then, why didn’t you overhaul it. You had 16 years to do it. It is a very long time. Don’t blame the PM for not doing what you are supposed to do. As a muslim leader, you have the right to fight and act against the wrongdoers, even if you have to do it alone even if it means sacrificing on your part, including your high position. But you did not because you are the one who is corrupt.

You said you have substantial evidence which you stashed everywhere in and outside the country to prove your innocence and you would come up with it. That was three months ago and Malaysians are still waiting.

Anwar the guilty Saudara, why is it that you never took legal action Ummi, Azizan and those who you called conspirators for defaming you and writing all sorts of sexual allegations about you. You should not say that PM told you not to do so as you, the great leader, would have done it yourself as I have said earlier, it is your nature to win every battle. But you did not even dare to bring them to court, for everything would then come out in the open. Why didn’t you clear your name in court if you have done no wrong? You just fear the truth.

Malaysians can’t accept your homosexuality and womanising ways and worse, Malaysians cannot accept the way you projected yourself as a great muslim leader at the same time.

If the allegations are false, why did you stop giving Friday sermons and lead prayers (become an Imam) as you have done in Cerok Tok Kun, Seberang Jaya and other mosques. Is that not admitting your guilt?

It is hard for you to admit that you are gay and of low moral. Malaysia, especially Malays, cannot accept a gay leader. But God is great. If you lie, you will get your fair punishment which is happening now. You spoke of fighting for the rights of the rural folks, the fishermen and the farmers in your Permatang Pauh declaration but you were supposed to do it when you were in the government when you had the power and the resources.

Anyway, you only say this when you are down and out. When you were wearing your RM17,000 suit and your Italian handmade shoes, did you identify yourself with the common folks?

You want to harp on the conspiracy theory in court so that you will be looked upon as being victimised and that everyone will focus on conspiracy. But the court case showed otherwise. It showed that you are capable of lying to the PM and all Malaysians when you told the SB director to force Ummi and Azizan to retract their allegations against you. How can you resort to this when you could have sought the legal channel?

Saudara, you should at least be grateful for God has given you 16 years of your life to be among the VIPs of Malaysia and the world.

Be grateful to the PM too for he has taken you under his wing to give you the best guidance ever. If not for the PM, I believe you would still be in slippers and buttoned-up-to-the-neck shirt as the supervisor of Yayasan Anda.

To me, Dr Mahathir has a heart of gold. He gave you chances you could only dream of. You thought PM would not sack you as you know he loves you as a son. You thought he would perhaps advised you to stop your homosexuality ways. But you are wrong.

Still, PM gave you three chances for you to leave. He gave a 5.30pm last deadline for you to resign but even then, he waited until 7pm plus before he issued your letter of expulsion. PM was diplomatic when he only said the sacking was because you were not suitable due to your low morale. But you were different, you attacked him with a vengeance only found in the uncivilised. Anwar – non performer .

Saudara, you are an eloquent orator. You are like Sukarno. At least, Sukarno was honest. He told the world he loved women. But Anwar is a liar. I will always be immersed in your oratorical ways but that is about all about you worth mentioning.

In your 16 years in the government, there is no marked development you have made. In the Agriculture Ministry, you have not done anything. That is why 16 years later, you have to include the plight of the farmers and fishermen in your Permatang Pauh Declaration. If you had done your job well, there is no need for such a declaration.

In the Education Ministry, you did not do anything except perhaps to promote your brother as headmaster. As economic ministry, it was so obvious that you do not know anything. So much so that Malaysians had to live with high interest rates and policies which adversely affected the economy. We were lucky when the situation changed from your IMF-styled policies and we have to thank Dr Mahathir for that.

In your speeches, I noticed, you often quoted almost every philosopher that I’m confident now that you do not have a mind of your own as you only lead your life only according to what they say.

There is also a case in Permatang Pauh some time back about a mother who was seeking donations to raise her sickly and paralysed son. She called TV3 to tell her plight but you stopped the story from appearing as it would tarnish your image as MP there. You did not even offer her help. For that, you have received a part of God’s rage.

Anwar – the desperado You even use your innocent children to get publicity. What kind of a father are you? I can’t understand how you and your wife could have sent your teenage daughter to see Estrada of all people. If both of you needed someone to fight your cause, spare your daughter from the dirty task. Estrada is a womaniser, drunk and an arse&%$@, and could have raped your daughter. But you, an Islamic leader, allowed your daughter to be in contact with this filthy person the person who had this to say of Clinton’s sex scandal : “Clinton got the scandals and I get the sex.” Na’uzubillah himin zaaalik. I do not know what lies you have told your wife but you must have picked up your convincing act from Estrada’s acting points.

You beat her up once when she confided in someone about your trysts with Shamsidar,. Is it not true? And once, you touched Shamsidar while she was in your kitchen and your wife saw it. Didn’t Mak Yan warn Shamsidar then not to come to your house again?

Saudara, you can lie all you want but in in the end, I believe that all this is about power. I want you to remember that you can never be PM if God has willed so. I also believe that it is best that you admit that you are a homo, a womaniser, a corrupt and deranged person, after all, you are only human. Farewell, Anwar. Whatever shred of confidence we Malaysians have in you is now gone.

Sumber : Huraira Al-Hady

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