Friday, 8 June 2012


It is not too much if we are to say that the issue of Scorpene is one of the greatest issue that is played by the opposition for the coming General Election. 

As for other issues, they somehow easily failed to be proven wrong.

But, when it comes to issue that involves money and foreign sides such as the purchase of Scorpene submarines from France, it is easier for them to manipulate rakyat. 

Excuses such as evidence cannot be mentioned because it is in the hands of Court of France makes it easier for the opposition to play with rakyat's minds.

Thus, every single claim that they have made did not require any proof at all.

Quoting Cynthia Gabriel, Director of SUARAM, she said," This case is specific to the transfer of commission worth EURO114 million to Perimekar company." 

Clearly, the Euro114 million became the question in the transaction of the submarines.

But, when the government justified that the payment was given for the maintenance, coordination and support service that was given by Perimekar, SUARAM suddenly changed their numbers.

Now, the amount which was said as bribe is no longer EURO114.96 million (RM410.27 million) but USD1 billion (RM3.8 billion). 

According to SUARAM, they have the evidence to show that Dato’ Seri Najib, at that time was the Defense Minister, and he asked for that amount to be paid to Perimekar Sdn Bhd as commission.

What is important for us to know here is that SUARAM and the opposition might change the numbers yet again if they fall in their own trap, again.

We need to remember that the value of the whole contract is worth EURO 1.084 billion (RM3.87 billion), it covers the price of two Scorpene subs including the Integrated Logistic Support package and crew trainings that is worth EURO 969.15 million. 

The rest, EURO114.96 million would be the payment made to Perimekar for maintenance, coordination and support service.

All the the transaction documents were made according to procedure and can be used as evidence.

If it is true that Dato’ Seri Najib did ask for RM3.8 billion, this means that the subs were obtained for free to Malaysia. 

This is because, according to the currency exchange at the time the contract was signed in June 5, 2002 is as such:

 USD 1 bill = EURO 1.06 bill = RM3.80 bill.

Considering that the whole payment of the contract is worth EURO1.08 billion, the rest of the payment are actually bribe money.

It is so obvious that SUARAM is trying to play with numbers to confuse rakyat who are not that interested in going into details for numbers and facts.

It is now time for Malaysians to open their eyes and go over every inch of the details so that they would not be played by those who want to bring the government down just so that they could be in power.

Might be, SUARAM have forgotten that not all Malaysian are stupid as they are. 

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