Thursday, 14 June 2012


Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man is not just a regular man. 

He is the Information Chief of PAS, in short, if PAS is human, Tuan Ibrahim is their tongue. 

Obviously, his job is not just another 9 to 5 job. 

He is responsible to speak for the party, even things that are linked to the party.

Thus, it is a bit confusing when other PAS leaders decided to humiliate Tuan Ibrahim and described his opinion in saying that haj should be delayed, is a personal opinion.

What is so personal with his statement? 

Other than the fact that he is the Information Chief, things that he say always has to do with the party, even those which include the party's preparation in facing the coming GE.

What we see is that the reason why his opinion was not supported because everyone knows that Malaysians would be angered with the fact that PAS would even put aside religion for the sake of their party, as if the one who would safe us in the afterlife is PAS, not good deeds to Allah s.w.t.

All they want is just to see people's responses from the statement. 

If they use Harakah, responses would only come to their members, not the public, unless this issue is brought up by Utusan Malaysia who has more readers than harakah.

What I would like to say here is that this prove that the statement made by Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man is indeed an official statement, it is just that it did not go as planned. 

To reduce the burden, as usual, Tuan Ibrahim would remain quiet for a while (example: Idris Ahmad), and he would get back on track after this issue is gone.

That is why we need to question why would they put aside religion for the sake of politics ???

PAS leaders should not think that saying the statement is a personal opinion would dissolve the issue. 

Most Malaysians are aware of their strategy. 

Only those loyal ones would pretend to be deaf and spread lies that are made by their leaders.

Should PAS fired him ???

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