Saturday, 13 October 2012


Today, SUARAM is 'slapped' again with another news of rejection from French court regarding their application to become plaintiff for corruption charge on the purchase of Scorpene submarine.

As we all know, SUARAM, an organization which is led by opposition leaders and backed by Jews and currency criminal had filed a complaint to French court saying that there were corruption elements which occurred during the business transaction of Scorpene submarine.

And according to the law in France, all complaints should be taken and investigated by investigation judge. 

If the complaint is justified, then the case can be brought to court.

And today, it has been revealed that French court had rejected the application made by SUARAM ever since March 13, 2012. 

This means, after taking all the consideration from SUARAM's complaint, the court finds that the complaint has no basis and it should not be taken seriously.

SUARAM however, re-filed the same complaint which they are still to receive any answer since. 

In other words, the complaint was rejected and there were no case filed.

Thus, where is the trial which they have been talking about ??? 

Subpoenas ??? 

Witnesses and evidence document ??? 

Is it from Anwar's imagination ??? 

Or from Soros's imagination ???

Even newspaper Suara Keadilan dated October 9, 2012 still talks about the same thing to rakyat by publishing the list of seven witnesses, including the Prime Minister and as if one subpoena has been taken by one of the witnesses.

Sometimes this got us confused, how far does SUARAM would go to fool rakyat ???

It is clear here that the Jews who has been backing SUARAM all these while really look down upon the level of intellectuality among Malaysians. 

They think that we could all be fooled just like that just because they managed to fool a few.

Based on these Jews' plan, SUARAM had performed one of the biggest lie where it did not just involve court and governments from two nations, but they also involve quite a sum of money in it as well. 

Just imagine how much they paid those famous foreign lawyers where one of them is Soros' lawyer. 

These people usually charge by per hour, not per case !!!

And we are still yet to talk about the incidental costs such as accommodation and transportation for those lawyers and also for SUARAM's officers who goes back and forth between France-Malaysia as well as Thailand and now Singapore, and probably places which we might not know just so that they could hold press conferences regarding case which does not really exist.

We do know that SUARAM do receive direct fund from two 'regime change' organizations where their actual target is to rule the world. 

That is why, such high cost to fabricate the lie is not something impossible for SUARAM with such huge power backing them up. 

Or, in a way, we could say that SUARAM has been receiving limitless fund.

And this brings us to yet another question. 

With such big funding, why would SUARAM need to hold charity events to collect fund from Malaysians to assist their lies ??? 

This matter can be referred at their own website where they had organized a few dinner charity events to collect funds to 'gain justice in the Scorpene case'.

Considering the fact that the case never really existed, so where did all the money go ??? 

Or to whose pocket did it get into ???

Anyone who fell for this should come forward to get their money back. 

SUARAM can fool you once but please do not let that happen again. 

Even if you hate the government, you do not have to make a fool out of yourselves.

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