Friday, 3 August 2012


During PKR’s election convention which was held on June 19, 2012, the party had launched slogan and logo for the coming GE13. 

The slogan which they have chosen is ‘Demi Rakyat’ (For Rakyat), while the logo showed various palms with different colors as shown in the picture below: 

We are not surprised on why they chose the slogan because it is just another one of PKR’s regular tactics who like to use the name of rakyat for their own interest. 

But we are confused on why would the party use the palms logo which is synonym with the fight for rights among LGBT.

We are aware than PKR seems to be more drawn towards LGBT but we never thought that they would mention it to the public via their logo. 

When all these while, Anwar would often avoid when asked about LGBT and even at one time, he simply said yes to the issue which the group should be discriminated in this country.

Perhaps Anwar do not have the guts to show his support towards LGBT through words but he seems to be doing it discreetly, through the logo.

In general, the palms symbol came from the ‘human rights’ symbol and it was used widely by NGOs who fight for it. 

It is supposed to bring good messages, but sadly, the word ‘human rights’ has been abused by a few sides as a tool to promote limitless freedom, including LGBT, thus bringing this new culture to the world like it is a new religion.

To show that it brings freedom, the palm symbol is featured with pigeon wings and used to show the message of fighting for equal rights in forms of property, freedom, justice and hope.

Meanwhile the purple palm is used to by LGBT, especially in Turkey, by an organization goes by the name of MorEl Eskişehir LGBTT Oluşumu (Purple Hand Eskişehir LGBT Formation), in fighting for their rights.

Website anwaraidc revealed on December 7, 2012 that website Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism ( had published a news on President Barack Obama in coming out with a memo ordering American agencies to consider the human rights record in certain countries regarding LGBT to gain foreign aid.

Perhaps Malaysian LGBT receives the aid as well ??? 

And through who and which organization ??? 

The interesting part is, the news also features a colorful palm symbol which looks almost as same as the one which is used by PKR to be used for the coming GE:

Thus, it is not wrong for us to conclude that PKR really fights for Western understandings regarding human rights and acknowledges LGBT.

It is clear that Anwar has once again lied when he stated that he agreed that homosexuals do not belong in this country when the fact is, once PR rules, Anwar would swiftly approves LGBT’s rights, just like how his masters in the West and the he want it to be as well.

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