Wednesday, 27 February 2013


So Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is giving out sweets – sweet promises to the people through their election manifesto – promises that truly attracts but of course, manifesto are just words.

Just like the Bee Gees song titled words – its only words, and words that all I have, to take your heart away – Anwar and his pact have only words, sweet beautiful words to win the hearts of people whom they had cheated before.

Those were the sweet words Anwar and the pact sold to win the people’s hearts and minds in 2008 general election and those words whom the people trusted were mere words that have not been fulfilled.

Now Anwar and the pact try to sell their ‘words’ again to the same buyers…not just same buyers but new potential clients… some 3 million plus who are supposedly to be on the fence, their minds and hearts are still open for grabs.

To Anwar and the pact, these young new voters would be attracted to ‘words’ as they are hungry to achieve their goals as fast as they can, with minimal costs as their needs are many and costs are high.

So the ‘words’ in the manifesto may attract them – to the minds of Anwar and his pact – looking at the psychological side, forgetting that these youngsters are matured and wise despite their young age.

Even at present, majority of the young voters look deeper than just words as they read how those words were not put to actions in Selangor, Kelantan and other states ruled by the pact.

Corruption may interest these young voters but then again, they see through the allegations with facts… not mere words without strong facts and figures.

They are wise with independent minds, beautiful minds that are clean and uncorrupted and the minds that are inquisitive and needing guidance towards the future.

So for Anwar and his pact, these youngsters is the easiest target to sell their ‘words’ because they had not experience being cheated and lied, like the other voters who are now ‘up in arms’ against the pact for unfulfilled promises.

Anwar and his pact know they are in deep trouble and they cannot rectify these troubles as there are no remedies to unfulfilled promises and words, so they try to psycho the young voters who are first timers.

Whether their trick works or not is yet to be seen but the fact is very clear that Anwar and his pact are in deep trouble as support dwindling as fast as the waterfalls in exotic holidays destinations in the country.

In short, their days are numbered but they are good in putting up a strong front, a picture of beautiful sceneries that attracts but inside it is full of bad worms and rotten.

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