Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Recently, Malaysian politics filled with stories of clashes between component parties within the opposition's coalition due to current issues. 

The issues include the kalimah Allah issue, which has set a gap between PAS and DAP even if most PAS supporters do not admit any of it. 

The same issue has caused sort of a distance between PAS and PKR because PKR has the same stand with DAP.

Even though PAS often listen to DAP, but the arguments in media still need to go on to show that PAS does not give up that easy. 

However, PAS inability to get out of Pakatan Rakyat only shows that PAS has given up and only follow orders from DAP and PKR.

DAP and PKR generally do not have any problems with all the current issues. 

However, the latest update in Johor, has proven that having mutual agreement in current issues does not guarantee that both the parties would not go against each other.

In short, Pakatan Rakyat is now beginning to crumble to pieces.

The problem between PKR and DAP in Johor is said to have been triggered by Chairman of PKR Johor, Chua Jui Meng. 

This matter was raised by Johor DAP Chairman, Boo Cheng Hau. 

It happened because they are both going for election seats where Chua is said to have 'attacked' DAP Johor from underground, beginning a few months back.

Few of the attacks made by Chua include blaming DAP for being arrogant as they denied a few seats to DAP, to avoid DAP from ruling the state. 

Chua was also blamed for not respecting the history of understanding and close ties between component parties for PR Johor which has been around for ages when he announced himself as a candidate in Gelang Patah even when the seat distribution is still yet to be confirmed.

Chua's excuse, he has the rights to do so as PKR State Chairman and that only shows that his arrogance is even more than DAP, which he claimed to be arrogant. 

During GE12, Gelang Patah constituency was won by Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Tan Ah Eng as he defeated PKR candidate, Zaliha Binti Mustafa with 33,630 votes. 

For this coming GE, PKR is said that they want to compete again but DAP Deputy Chairman, Tan Kok Wai announced that the party would like to place DAP candidate at the constituency. 

Thus, Chua's action in announcing himself as the candidate there only makes thing intense.

Karpal Singh is reported to have stressed that DAP would not take Boo's complaint lightly and they will investigate the matter for the sake of PR's interest.

However, PKR is yet to come up with the same statement. 

That is why, Boo had to 'urge' Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim or PKR President, Wan Azizah to not intervene and observe PR's political updates in Johor to ensure that the plans to take over the state goes smoothly.

It is weird that Anwar had to be called upon to intervene because when it comes to other issues, Anwar would always voluntarily butt in. 

Even during PKR election, Anwar did not just butt in, he even simply filtered the ones who are not that loyal and benefit him.

Besides that, it is not a secret that Anwar also intervened in PAS internal political matters via his people who are aware of his strategy.

Based on this fact, perhaps Karpal, Boo and DAP should re-think whether they really want Anwar or his wife to intervene in DAP-PKR issue in Johor.

It is not impossible that efforts to sabotage DAP which is claimed to be the work of Chua Jui Meng actually came from Anwar's intervention ???

Rakyat have been warned that the 'war' within Pakatan Rakyat would last for a very long time. 

Not just because all of its component parties have different stands and mission, it is also because of the different characters among their leaders.

So, the scenario is, PKR would keep on stabbing DAP in Johor. 

DAP will keep on bashing PAS in Penang as well. 

Looking at how DAP-PKR-PAS often 'kill one another', Pakatan Rakyat may end up being dead anytime from now, without getting any attacks from BN.  

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