Friday, 22 February 2013


Like the movie Fast and Furious, leaders of parties in opposition pact are now crossing the country, profusely trying to ‘put off fires that begin to burn their bases’ which threaten to pull their influence down.

In Selangor, the three parties are practically ‘f…ing’ each other up as suspicious and backstabbing take centre-stage as each party scramble to stay afloat under the heavy onslaught of BN.

On the ground, voters who had trusted them are now turning their backs and filing suits in courts for unfulfilled promises and pledges while party workers leaving, like abandoning a sinking ship.

Racism between them is prevalent as their each party attempts to sustain their influence along race and religion because voters do not trust their pledges and promises anymore.

So each party goes on racial and religious lines that can pull back some lost influence.

In Kedah, PAS state government is facing credibility crisis with majority of the party divisions calling for MB Azizan Abdul Razak to step down and party secretary-general Mustapa Ali as usual play dump.

In Kelantan, Mentri Besar who is also the party Ulamak chief Nik Aziz Nik Mat is facing decline in respect as no more than 500 waited for him at the airport last week compared to no less than few thousands every time he returns from anywhere at the airport.

In Johor, PKR and DAP are crossing hairs and in animosity mood as both the parties chiefs blame each other for sabotage and DAP supremo Karpal Singh and PKR Wan Azizah Ismail are backing each other’s man.

In short, parties in the opposition pact are now fighting each other and from within while PKR Rafizi, termed as the financial wizard.. is behaving like a schoolboy trying to outdo whatever or do better than the other boys’ claims.

Things are actually looking bad for the opposition pact as the old saying goes ‘love fades when marriage begins’ in this case the marriage is one of convenience, not based on true love feelings.

Falling apart and downhill fast, leaders of the pact have no choice but to put off the ‘fires’ as diversion tactics have failed to hide the truth given the voters are getting wiser while parties in the pact are showing their weaknesses and their lies are being exposed by the day.

The latest act by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in signing the Transparency International Election Integrity Pledge has put the opposition in a ‘check mate’ position.

Clearly the opposition pact is cornered and they are in a hot spot, hotter than the frying pot they used to fry Najib and BN leaders all this while.

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