Thursday, 3 May 2012


Chinese (Tionghua) youth through youth associations were all really excited about the success of National Youth Day later in May 2012 when about 200,000 have committed to jointly boost this year's celebration.


They will be located in  Chinese Village's 
Zone to showcase various arts, cultural as well as exhibition stalls for the concept of Chinese culture during the five-day program.

"Chinese Youth's Zone is a special zone to encourage more Chinese youth participation in the National Youth Day (HBN) in 2012 this time which is the first ever held for further boosted the spirit of 1 Malaysia", said Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport, Senator Gan Ping Sieu in a media conference here today.

He added, "Do not misunderstand that this Putrajaya is located just to one community but this is a city built for Malaysian youths regardless of race. It thus presents a challenge to all Chinese youth to seize the opportunity to place themselves in the 38 segments that were allocated during the five-day celebration. "

HBN 2012 will be held for five days beginning at 23rd to May 27th with 1000 performances from local and overseas as well as 22 stage performances featuring various forms of representation in accordance with the respective segments.

First introduced, the village also provide distinctive programs such as education fairs and tourism, youth talent from the Chinese, performances from artists both local and overseas Chinese and many more.

Senator Gan optimistic and confident that these youths have their own creativity to produce something and it is up to them to make it happen. 

Also involved in the success of this program are as Soka Gakkai (SSGM), Fo Guang, Xiang Nan, EMCO, China Youth Federation-Youth, YMM, GBBM that take advantage of the mass rally by setting up bilateral cooperation in the advancement of knowledge, knowledge organization councils and the sessions so that more could be learned.

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