Wednesday, 21 November 2012


PAS performed special prayer or ‘sembahyang sunat’ asking for Allah’s help to destroy UMNO, the intent or nawaitu that party has all along since the 50s.

The party under the late Mohd Asri Muda and until today, has been consistent in wanting UMNO to to fall and buried under the political landscape of Malaysia.

Thus, PAS act in performing the special prayer is nothing new as the party leaders have been doing that most times, as though there is nothing more or better to ask from Allah other than seeing UMNO destroyed and vanished from the face of the earth.

PAS enmity with UMNO is a long story and the special prayer have been conducted from time to time, the most done when Tun  Dr Mahathir Mohamad was UMNO president and Prime Minister.

PAS problem is trying to get the Malays to support them, and majority of the Malays are with UMNO or support UMNO if they are not members of UMNO.

This has made PAS angry because their philosophy is if you are a Malay, you must support an Islamic organization which is to them only PAS while UMNO is secular.

To PAS, Malays who are definitely Muslims must support an Islamic organization or political party, compulsory as far as they are concern to uphold and strengthen the Islamic faith.

When UMNO, a Malay-based party commands majority support from the Malays who are Muslims, PAS is very angry because the party found out that there more liberals Muslims than fundamentalists among Malays.

But what they forget is that those Malays who are with UMNO are moderates in their thinking despite performing the obligatory prayers and rituals, these Malays are open minded in know the limits of openness.

For the present PAS, especially the liberals aligned or more appropriately followers to PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim, UMNO is a party that should be wiped out because it is the major obstacle to Anwar being the Prime Minister.

Thus, the special prayer held in Kota Baru, Kelantan, was normal to political players and observers as the Islamic party has never has any good opinion on UMNO.

To them UMNO is worse than DAP chauvinistic character and thus, must be wiped out. 

To PAS, there is only one party that is capable of protecting Islam which is PAS. 

They never think about Malays because this is considered as racial or assabiyah, which is against Islam.

To DAP, working with PAS is very much easy because without the Malay spirit, the Chinese chauvinistic party can easily manipulate policies that will sideline the Malays.

Thus, PAS special prayer is nothing but just a normal expression of wanting to see the party that has been stealing their potential supporters buried so that only PAS stands out.

And they have been doing this for the past 30 years and UMNO still survives. 

This by itself shows that Allah will not fulfill intentions that are considered ‘evil’.

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