Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is embroiled in the tussle on who is going to be Prime Minister if… this is if… the opposition alliance managed to win the coming general election.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang did not reject the call for him to be the Prime Minister while the party deputy president Mohamed Sabu said PR leaders agreed to have Anwar Ibrahim as the PM.

And this is also echoed by DAP man Tan Seng Giaw who said that the decision as made by PR leaders in a meeting, wonder when was the meeting held and whether Hadi was present or not.

If Hadi was present, he would obviously tell the assembly that he could accept their proposal because it has been decided by the PR leaders meeting that Anwar should be PM.

Hadi, being a leader of an Islamic party which supposedly to promote all the Islamic characteristics would not lie to the delegates in the assembly if what Mat Sabu and Seng Giaw said was true.

He would have told the assembly that this had been decided and Anwar had been unanimously proposed to be the PM.

But since Hadi did not mentioned this to the assembly, Malaysians should take it what Mat Sabu or Seng Giaw or any other leaders from PR said on the matter about Anwar being the PM if they win is a lie.

Now if this is so, then the country is having problem if PR wins the election – the three parties in PR will be at each other’s throat trying to put their man as PM.

DAP may be the king maker in this scenario as the party has no Malay and the party never intend to put up a Malay candidate as it is a chauvinistic party, so it has the power to tilt decisions to its benefit.

And in this case, the party’s decision will be sure for Anwar as Anwar is secular and liberal compared to Islamic Hadi.

Given the fact that Hadi would still pursue the theologian state and Hudud laws, DAP would want to distance itself from such person so that it can continue pursuing its goal of a dominant Chinese political power in the country.

Having Anwar as PM is most convenient because the party has many secrets that it can ‘hold Anwar’s balls’ anytime if he goes out of control, and PKR cannot say anything as long as Anwar is the de facto chief.

So the ‘fight for the Prime Ministership’ will be the focus of PR if it wins the general election but before that, the fight is on now because PAS will never give up its aim – the goal it has been chasing since the 50s.

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