Friday, 23 November 2012


It’s a sad story… honestly it is very sad…

Anwar Ibrahim is of course… the saddest man on earth now… 

He has been rejected by a foreign government that he felt was close to him and hoping this government would come to his rescue.

Australia, through it Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr rejected Anwar’s plea for help to ensure Malaysia’s general election to be held anytime from now till June next year free of fraud and corruption.

So now Anwar is sad and probably angry at the same time since he has viewed Australia as his ‘big brother’ given the fact that some MPs (not even 10 percent) in Australia had voiced their support for Anwar in trying to topple BN from the federal government.

Anwar has always try to get foreign help in his attempt to topple the present Barisan Nasional (BN) government despite knowing very well that Malaysia has its own sovereignty and dignity.

Malaysia’s political climate has been very calm unlike the countries Anwar mentioned in his letter pleading for help from Australia such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

When Anwar mentioned those countries in his letter, he is likening Malaysia’s situation as those countries – economically down, politically unstable, no harmony, people kill each other as though there are no laws and so on.

But to Australia, and the legally elected government of that country, Malaysia is a dignified nation which government was legally elected and respected by the international community.

Rejecting Anwar’s plea is actually a big blow to Anwar as indirectly Australia is telling Anwar that Australia respects Malaysia and Anwar’s allegations of fraud and corruption hold no water.

In short, Anwar’s allegations have no basis and Australia is not going to follow Anwar’s every word without any proof.

Also Australia may, this is a probability, views Anwar as some who cannot be trusted, who is only interested in promoting himself to be the Prime Minister but not in the interest of majority Malaysians.

Anwar should look in the mirror and reflect himself because Australia’s rejection has a lot to do with his personal character and the rejection may snowball to other countries that Anwar thinks are supporting him because it may be vice-versa.

That is internationally, and from within Malaysia itself, Anwar’s reputation faces a decline as DAP and PAS would also have reservations even though this is not reflected openly.

DAP whose leaders are well-linked with foreign government too, may have already know what have been wrong with Anwar and why he is rejected and what are the secret views of other countries towards Anwar.

However, the party still support Anwar as the Prime Minister-in-waiting because he is the only Malay leader the party can manipulate to achieve its goals.

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