Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Praying for the destruction of others on the excuse that they do not accept Islam as they reject hudud is considered as something relevant for PAS. 

Putting hudud as the basic in Islamic teachings, PAS had announced their hate towards UMNO as a bigger jihad than fighting devils or even the Jews who hate Islam until the end of time.

This is proven when as the whole world is busy criticizing actions taken by Zionists in attacking people of Palestine, PAS was busy praying criticizing UMNO in their solat hajat and PAS prayers at the end of their 58th Muktamar.

The prayer clearly focused only on two things, to destroy UMNO and to take over Putrajaya. 

PAS's excuse, with that, Islam could be defended, through the implementation of hudud by PAS.

The problem is, UMNO is not the only obstacle for PAS to gain full power in implementing hudud. 

PAS would also have to go through Karpal Singh and they would need to terminate Anwar Ibrahim which PAS is really aware of even though they had to keep it to themselves.

Despite that, with the new spirit flowing through the recent Muktamar, PAS seems to have prepared themselves to destroy just about anyone who stop them from gaining full power, that includes PKR and DAP. 

With that, PAS is determined to take Hadi Awang as the best individual to become the next Prime Minister, hence, breaking the agreement which they made with Pakatan Rakyat where the post should belong to Anwar Ibrahim.

True, this might be part of PAS's strategy to calm their top leadership which strongly believe that PAS is going away from their original objective and mission. 

Perhaps the actions of taking Hadi Awang as the next Prime Minister is just a gimmick from PAS to prove their top leadership that their leader is still credible to face the election. 

Perhaps this gimmick was also approved by Anwar and DAP.

If it was done to gain Malay support for PAS, then Malays would definitely feel cheated by the end of it for having a Prime Minister who is a sodomite which is Anwar Ibrahim and not Hadi.

But, if what PAS said is true, then the ones who are fooled would be DAP and their Chinese supporters for believing that DAP could dominate PAS and use Anwar Ibrahim as their puppet.

Thus, whatever PAS's strategy is when they endorsed Hadi Awang as PM, PR supporters such as Chinese and Indians would definitely feel cheated. 

It is no longer a secret that DAP and PKR look down on PAS, the reason why PAS's top leadership became anxious over the party's leaders. 

The lack of leadership which is shown by most of their leaders is too obvious to be denied by anyone, except for their loyal supporters. 

Kelantan and Kedah is the proof of PAS's weakness. 

PAS do not have any charismatic leaders to even lead a small constituency, how can we expect them to become the Prime Minister ???

Hadi Awang is famous for not knowing anything, just as same as Nik Aziz and Azizan Razak. 

The PAS's number two is seen as even worse than other leaders, the same thing goes to young leaders which somehow fail to lead people in a large scale.

Thus, we cannot see how they can rule the country, understanding world political strategies, defending the country from cunning enemies as well as attending world economic forums.

Despite that, DAP and PKR might have miscalculated in their judgement on PAS. 

We are aware that 'not knowing' is very dangerous. 

Extremism is actually triggered from that factor. 

The tragedy of Memali and Sauk are examples which occurred all thanks to extremism.

Just imagine how PAS supporters who belong to that group would react if Hadi Awang do not become the Prime Minister if PR wins. 

And when hudud is not implemented, and when PAS had to follow DAP and PKR as slaves. 

Just imagine what chaos would they bring if PR do not get them what they want. 

It is not impossible that they might destroy this country, just like how they proved us during Bersih rallies.

However, this is an impossible scenario.

The reason why we say so is not because we are convinced that PAS could dominate DAP and PKR if they are to rule, but it is because PAS do not even have enough seat to ensure that Hadi Awang would become the next Prime Minister. 

PAS leaders are simply playing emotional games with their supporters who do not really care about facts and figures. 

Supporters who refuse to understand that the number of seats which PAS wins would make it impossible for their leader to become a Prime Minister. 

Whatever it is, despite of their ignorance, they still have the mindset that PR would win and PAS will dominate the coalition. 

For that, they are certainly prepared to pray for the destruction of DAP and PKR at any time now.

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