Thursday, 22 November 2012


Pakatan Rakyat now searches for a middle platform among themselves following PAS insistence that the party would pursue its theology state and Hudud laws besides Abdul Hadi Awang as Prime Minister.

PAS considers itself as the backbone of the unregistered opposition alliance and it will not, at any time compromise its goals, throwing the opposition relationship off-balance.

PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim, despite his sweet words that this matter (the PM issue) could be talked over, deep inside his heart, he is pissed off and probably burning with anger and hatred.

Anwar has done everything including selling his soul (he already sold his race) to get to the post that he ‘missed by an inch’ in 1998 and suddenly after careful planning and actions, PAS threw the ‘bomb’ and everything went dark for him.

Anwar’s anger currently cannot be described as probably he is angry and pissed off with his people who he had placed in the party to steer the leadership’s direction but failed.

They could not even get the assembly to raise issue on former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa what more to get him to be expelled like former party vice-president Dr Hassan Ali.

Now Anwar realizes that the fundamentalists in PAS know when to give in and when to pull back the ropes, after all they are articulate politicians who know the real Anwar even when he was in ABIM.

Given the current scenario, DAP which chauvinistic character is to make use of a Malay like Anwar as the front to further its Chinese agenda, is facing big problem.

Not only the party is against the Islamic agenda and Hudud laws, the party is also against Hadi or any PAS fundamentalists as PM because anybody from PAS who are fundamentalist would not allow himself to be made use of, particularly by DAP.

It is a big problem for DAP because the party do not want to play second fiddle to any other party as doing so would see its objectives flying down the drain.

DAP wants its goal to be achieved through manipulating a Malay PM as the party knows a Chinese from the party could not be a PM.

Anwar is the best person because DAP has all his ‘shits’ and he will be a ‘real donkey’ to DAP if he is the PM but now with PAS insisting Hadi, DAP is in big problem.

Maybe the opposition alliance would dissolve if the three parties cannot find a middle-line to work together for and the time now is very limited.

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