Friday, 9 November 2012


At first, we questioned, why would Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang want to compete in Pekan ???

The next day, we wonder, why would Anwar Ibrahim challenge Dato’ Seri Najib to compete in Marang ???

Then, all of the sudden Zaid Ibrahim came to make a statement that he wants to compete in Pekan, replacing Hadi Awang. 

His excuse is that he wants to save the political career of the PAS President.

It seems that after going places to find a bit of glamor, Zaid Ibrahim is finally getting his chance.

For Hadi to say that he is willing to compete in Pekan would mean that he is convinced that he has enough influence, as much as the Prime Minister himself. 

If he is not confident, then he is simply digging his own grave by giving such statement, and Hadi would never want to 'commit suicide'.

That is why, Zaid's action to offer himself to save Hadi showed that he believes that Hadi might lose if he goes against Dato’ Seri Najib. 

Hence, proving that this liberal man has always been looking down on PAS leaders.

Actually, liberals who support the opposition has never really respect PAS nor its leaders. 

We cannot really blame them, because it seems to obvious that PAS leaders are not that smart, and that they do not earn any respect. 

Hadi Awang would never make any statement saying that he would compete in Pekan if he is smart because if the statement is true, it would then be the end of his political career.

However, this is not the matter of Hadi nor PAS. 

Especially when the party was pushed aside by their allies, PKR and DAP. 

This is the matter of Zaid raising publicity.

Zaid knew that he might not win if he is to compete with Dato’ Seri Najib but he knows that he would not lose anything. 

Instead, he sees this as an opportunity for him to appear in newspapers again.

Besides that, just image the publicity coverage which he might get during his campaigns. 

He is hoping that rakyat could 'remember' or even maybe get attracted to him. Zaid is convinced that he has managed to identify his mistakes and he is prepared to be more careful so that he would not lose in the political arena.

Zaid is an arrogant man and he believes that he is much more qualified and smarter than other leaders. 

He could not accept the fact that rakyat do not see him that way. 

When the fact is, in this matter, Zaid had shown how stupid he is by belittling Hadi Awang when that man had shown his confidence to compete at Dato’ Seri Najib's constituency. 

Didn't Zaid ever thought that Hadi Awang might feel humiliate because Zaid is not convinced with his influence ???

Zaid's action is also being judged by rakyat who have long understand his attitude which would jump and beg for political life line to just about anyone. 

But whatever it is, if Zaid seriously want to compete in Pekan, there is nothing wrong with it... as long as he is happy.

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