Saturday 30 March 2013


The current scenario shows most information being spread through communication media are quite open and free. 

The freedom somehow harms credibility and integrity of individuals which needs to be protected. 

Or perhaps this could lead to the expose on the weakness of this country's defense system, which really needs to be protected.

Despite that, many can still be easily influenced with accusations thrown by the opposition claiming that this country has failed in really providing freedom towards media practitioners.

They even mentioned in their 'Manifesto Is Not Promise' which was presented recently saying that they would respect media practitioners as they conduct their strategies the media industry so that it would be free, without any intervention from the government.

However, according to J.C Merrill from his book, 'Global Journalism, 1977', stated that in reality, freedom of media and communication is something that is too ideal that not even a single country in the world really practice such freedom.

However, Press Freedom Index (PFI) 2011-2012 which was published by Reporters Without Borders recorded Malaysia at 122th, showing improvement compared to PFI 2010 where Malaysia was at 144th. 

In this recent PFI, Malaysia leads the Southeast Asia region with Singapore at 135th, Thailand (137), Philippine (140) and Indonesia (146). 

Perhaps some might ask what does that improvement in the index published by Reporters Without Borders mean ??

The answer, this index is not that important. 

But it tells the world about the level of freedom of media for this country. 

This denies the claim saying that Malaysia has no freedom of media at all. 

That is it.

If there is no freedom of media, how can there be hundreds of news portals, blogs and opposition newspapers published in this country ??? 

Most of them don't just criticize the government, they even publish false news. 

How can they say this country does not give freedom of media ???

Harakah for example, has never publish any reports or analysis about rakyat's development, the same thing goes to Suara Keadilan, portals Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider. 

If we are to follow the definition, Harakah and Suara Keadilan are not newspapers, instead, they are bulletins which expresses the voice of the party. 

How many really do understand this definition ???

The evidence, Harakah and Suara Keadilan is said to be more transparent as they criticize the government's policies. 

Does transparency mean that they should keep on criticizing the government ??? 

When mainstream media criticize the opposition's policies, they would claim that there is no freedom of media.

The ironic part of this is that despite of their shouts on freedom of media, the opposition's the one which suppresses reporters and impose various limitations for the media. 

Proof ??? 

Who sues the media the most if it's none other than Anwar Ibrahim.

True, they do have the rights to take legal actions, but doesn't it go against the principal of freedom of media which they themselves have been talking about all these while

And which side is the one often block reporters from attending their events ??? 

Just look at the entrance at PKR's office which clearly noted that it does not allow newspaper Utusan Malaysia and television station TV3 from attending any of their programs and press conference.

Isn't that blocking freedom of media ??? 

It seems like Anwar's goons only know how to talk !!! 

If this is how things go, Malaysia will be ruined if opposition coalition takes over the government.

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