Wednesday 27 March 2013


The opposition pact or Pakatan Rakyat is getting restless and impatient as the general election date nears.

While they call and at times sounded like demanding for parliament to be dissolved, they are actually in dire straits.

They have been calling for the dissolution of parliament since two years ago as their pact was cracking with each party exerting its individual philosophy and concept, eroding the common platform they forged before the 2008 general election.

The common ground was at that time to topple then Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as PM but they failed, and of course, with Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘cunning and shrewd and ill-intend mind’, the pact tried but failed the so-called September 16 coup.

Since then, the pact, particularly Anwar, have been on an unstop onslaught against PM Najib Tun Razak and BN, digging everything they can and spin them, knocking into the minds of Malaysians to the extent that the lies have somewhat been believed as true.

Anwar and the leaders of the pact thought Najib would be struck off-balance with such onslaught but they were surprised and shocked when it was not Najib who reciprocated but the people and the NGOs.

And Najib until today continues to be above board by explaining the government’s policies, ETPs and distributing the government’s wealth directly to the people regardless of political affiliations and differences in ideologies.

Anwar and leaders of the pact seem frustrated with Najib’s reaction and are now embarking on further personal attacks which many members of the public who are voters feeling disgusted.

But the Lahad Datu incursion in Sabah have changed voters’ minds to the extent that they no longer trust nor want to be part of the opposition when the pact leaders began politicizing the incident.

Instead of uniting to protect the country’s dignity and sovereignty, leaders of the pact have antagonize not just the peace loving public but more so the armed forces and police personnel who put their lives at stake to defend the country.

That is the biggest mistake the opposition made in the last leg to the general election.

It is a case of over-excited and over-estimated, a wrongly calculated move that cost them further erosion of support and influence.

That is why the opposition pact have been calling for early general election because the pact leaders know they cannot stick together for too long because their ideologies are poles apart.

And this is happening right now where PAS begins to move on its own, DAP continues to bark on its Chinese cause while PKR is looking stupid with its so-called 'make-believe expose’.

The pact is actually at a lost and they are losing more as the dissolution is dragged and they are in a real hotter spot if the dissolution is called early.

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