Sunday 31 March 2013


One wonders why parties in the opposition pact are making hell of big noise whenever Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak dishes out aid and meet people according to their groupings, they make noise and cry foul.

They claim Najib’s outreach programmes smack politics and whatever Najib’s speaks, to the opposition pact is Najib trying to win the people’s hearts and minds.

To them Najib is campaigning and Najib is desperate, to them Najib is under pressure and Najib is losing influence.

Put it this way… leaders of the opposition pact are actually in a dreamland, a make-believed land, made by Anwar Ibrahim whose wandering mind goes beyond the reality of earth and even the many galaxies.

To them Anwar has done what they wanted – create doubts among the Malays towards the Malay institutions including the police, armed forces and even Malay corporates, split the Malays and steer their minds to wilderness, create animosity among the Malays and many more including the one as reported in the Philippines that involved the recent Lahad Datu incursion.

In fact, Anwar has done many things that even the nearly 60-year old PAS and DAP had not dare to do – all due to his personal obsession to become the Prime Minister of wealthy and peaceful Malaysia.

And leaders of DAP and PAS, as for now, just ‘butter’ Anwar to do more because the DAP and PAS will benefit more and Anwar… well… just wait what happens when the general election is over.

In the meantime, while Anwar is creating whatever needed to be done to destablise and divide the harmonious Malaysians – leaders of the pact just hit on Najib in whatever he does – just hit even if all he does is for the good of the people including they themselves.

The aim is to further add strength to Anwar’s work – with the hope that fence sitters or those doubtful of Anwar’s line can be further influence to tilt on their side.

But they still cannot get the kind of support and influence they wanted… the kind they got before and ruing the 2008 general election.

They are frustrated and they are desperate – the Lahad Datu incursion pulled away the armed forces and police support, the proposed tunnel project in Penang further erode their support and lately, even Nik Aziz Nik Mat, PAS spiritual chief has lost many support and facing erosion of confidence from the party members.

That is why Najib’s every move is questioned, ridiculed and even accused – one can read that as desperate moves since Anwar’s credibility is going down the drain and leaders of DAP and PAS do not even trust Anwar as a person.

One wonder what else these desperados will do as the general election nears.

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