Wednesday 27 March 2013


Website, Suara PR finally gave a little hope for opposition supporters who have been waiting so long for Anwar Ibrahim to take religious oath also known as mubahalah oath, as claimed by many sides.

According to the website, Anwar will take a religious oath, said to be on the Friday of the first week of next month at the National Mosque, Kuala Lumpur. 

The event will be attended by a few of PAS' biggest ulama such as Nik Aziz dan Hadi Awang, as well as a few international religious figures. 

It is expected to be a 'ticking bomb', killing off UMNO and BN for the coming GE.

Quoting the report from the website, Anwar will take the religious oath to deny UMNO’s claim that he forcefully sodomized Saiful Bukhari.

It seems like the the word 'forcefully' seem to have caused even the oppositions themselves anxious. 

They cannot help but to ask one another, does this mean Anwar sodomized Saiful willingly ???

This is because is not about 'willing or force' but it is about 'sodomized or not'

At a glance, Suara PR clearly stated that Anwar did commit sodomy.

Suara PR has always been a target among the opposition especially PAS because of it's clear stand in the issue of LGBT, Anwar's relationship with Jews as well as their openness in DAP's idea of Malaysian Malaysia. 

There are a few denials made among a few PAS leaders, denying the stand of the coalition they joined, Pakatan Rakyat.

Basically, PR is a coalition which is liberal and open to pluralism. 

This is the fact which Suara PR has been promoting and PAS kept on denying, which Anwar kept on playing around the bushes about it.

It is understood that Suara PR was established by Anwar to test, and urge Malaysians to accept pluralism and liberalism. 

However, as long as society could not accept it, Anwar will take the safe approach by denying that the website is under his control.

Anwar's decision to take an oath regarding his 'sanctity' even though two cases have passed, and two videos went viral, is very doubtful. 

Especially when he was urged to take the oath but he made excuses saying that taking oath is not very Islamic and a few other excuses. 

Suara PR even strengthen the excuse by saying, "Muhabalah oath is not even part of Islamic teaching, instead, it is just an approach taken from other religion with a little modification."

However, the website still welcomes Anwar's decision to take the oath which they say 'in order to please a few Muslims who are used to the practice'

The website even mentioned that 'Hindus also believe with this religious oath' by referring to Bala's actions in taking religious oath regarding Altantuya's murder case.

For the record, the victim in sodomy case II, Saiful Bukhari, took the religious oath in August 15, 2008, accompanied by his father who has now went against his own son. 

Saiful is said to have swore and prayed in front of Kaabah. 

Saiful's actions has given a huge blow that many began to leave Anwar.

That is why, a few of Anwar's goons might feel happy to hear the news that Anwar will be taking the oath and think that it is the one bullet which might put a close to the sodomy charge made against their leader.

However, like it or not, they have to admit that the two word written by Suara PR is actually hitting them back.

For Anwar's information, even though he still has strong support from Malays through PAS, do realize that the only reason why he is getting that support is because those supporters are in denial, they could not accept the fact that Anwar is a bisexual.

It is clear that the support given to Anwar is just based on lies. 

If Anwar do admit that he is a bisexual, and that he stands on the name of liberalism, pluralism, LGBT and pro-Jews, there is no way that he could receive as much support as he gets today.

Fact is, Anwar is just a chameleon and he would play just about any characters just so that he could get more and more support. 

Anwar knows that he would lose everything of he stops acting.

Whatever it is, lets wait and see how this chameleon will destroy himself if he lies while he takes the oath. 

However, do not be shocked if on the day of the event, he would not even take the oath, instead, he would just scream at those who ask him about it.

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