Wednesday 17 April 2013


Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir has been a name which seem synonymous with rakyat of Kedah, especially in rural areas. 

However, his father's name, is not giving him any justice because no matter how hard he works, he would still be accused of using his father's name. 

Even though he started from the bottom, he is still accused of having taken the easy steps.

This does not just happen in politics, it happens to anything he does, including business.

It would not be fair for us to say that his father's name did not play any significant role to anything he does, but that is the nature of things where 'names' play important role in gaining attention and trust from people. 

However, that does not mean that he abuses such influence, because it has been proven that he really knows how to do business. 

He did fall, but he rise... face risks, failed, and again he stand again and rising.

Thanks to his vast experience in facing all the competition in business world that he is described as one of the most successful entrepreneur, Dato’ Mukhriz definitely understand the things rakyat has to go through.

It's true what wise men say, "the most effective politicians are the ones who are successful in other fields".

Even though Dato’ Mukhriz managed to build his own name in the country, he never ignored his constituency. 

He stayed over in rural homes of branch leaders for multiple times. 

He also do not have any problem in going through jungles to see issues involving people in rural areas, and solves those issues. 

This rejects all claims saying that he bring the 'elite' image as well as the image which is not suitable with the 'character' of Kedah state.

The interesting part is, most of his work are rarely reported or known by anyone but those who live in the rural areas. 

That is why, even when he is hit with negative claims, rakyat of Kedah are grateful over Dato’ Mukhriz's candidacy in state assembly seat instead of Parliament.

In short, the news is welcomed by people of Kedah as their prayers are finally answered. 

This also proves that Dato’ Seri Najib do listen to voice of rakyat despite of the work of few who tried to block him.

However, another thing which makes people of kedah a little 'nervous', would be the news saying that the constituency contested by Dato’ Mukhriz is said as PAS stronghold, DUN Ayer Hitam.   

In 2008, Dato’ Mukhriz won Jerlun seat with 2,205 majority while DUN Ayer Hitam, under Jerlun Parliament, was won by Abdul Ghani Ahmad from PAS with close majority of 506 votes. 

In 2004 GE, DUN Ayer Hitam was won by Othman Aziz from BN with majority of 860 votes. 

The number of voters for the DUN during the GE was 24,939.

Thus, to claim this constituency as PAS stronghold seem debatable. 

There should be a reason why rakyat in DUN Ayer Hitam decided to change their vote from BN in 2004 to PAS in 2008.

Based on the fact above, it is not impossible that rakyat in DUN Ayer Hitam might change back to BN for 2013, on factor of Dato’ Mukhriz. 

Generally, rakyat of Kedah's hope over Dato’ Mukhriz is very high, and if rakyat in DUN Ayer Hitam do not make the right decision, they will definitely described as disappointment for rakyat of the whole state.

Kedah needs a new spirit to get out of its 'comfort zone' and start to develop its capital city, Alor Setar. 

All these while, Alor Setar has been a 'dead city', no activity. 

And since it is taken over by PAS, the only thing that is alive are karaoke centres, and other job opportunities are still not available.

Kedah is said to be only a step in front of Kelantan in terms of mentality and social. 

In terms of economy, Kedah has just fallen thanks to PAS government's bad inefficiency.

Meanwhile, it is not too much for us to say that the challenge to develop Kedah in terms of its economy should begin by developing the mentality of its rakyat first.

Today, potential tourist centres in Kedah still cannot reach 'international standard'

They include Arus Deras Sedim, Pantai Merdeka, Kuala Kedah etc. 

Hotels and resorts in Kedah still unable to get in line with the standard of professionalism of hotels in other states such as Melaka, Pahang etc. 

All of these are linked with 'mentality'.

The only place which seem 'energetic' in Kedah is Langkawi.

In terms of investments, Kedah also seem to have fallen soon after being taken over by PAS. 

Current Kedah Chief Minister never made any meetings with current investors or even get involved with state investment missions.

That is why, Dato’ Mukhriz's leadership as a successful businessman is needed to develop the economy. 

It might be tough at first because he would first need to solve the mentality of people around him as well as people of Kedah.

Kedah really need Dato’ Mukhriz to restore all the destruction and damage made by PAS. 

The destruction made by the party, even only for a single term, is devastating.

And if PAS Kedah remain in power after this GE, Kedah will definitely go in reverse, that it would require years before it is restored to how it was when led by BN.

Today, people of Kedah seem to be putting their hope on Dato’ Mukhriz on the decision of voters in DUN Ayer Hitam. 

The same hope is placed on BN leaders, party machinery, including those who are not listed as candidates, to help give the state to the rightful owner, for the betterment of everyone. 

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