Thursday, 6 December 2012


It is a pitiful sight…. a pitiful scene… and still Anwar Ibrahim continues to create make-believe issues, he never gives up, very persistent.

Grasping at any last straw to stay afloat and relevant, the word is relevant here as Malaysians are getting bored with his promises, eloquent speeches that have no substance, Anwar got businessman Deepak Jaikaishan to get involved.

A normal civil suit has suddenly turned to a little political where names of Prime Minister and wife were mentioned.

After thorough investigation, it turned out that Anwar was the one instigating Deepak to mention the names, and this was Deepak’s own confession about how he suddenly got himself involved in the political game.

Deepak himself has not idea that he would be dragged but then again, Deepak is in a position where he needed help financially and Anwar is a man who will promise anything so long as one does what he wants.

And Deepak, whether intentionally or unintentionally, followed Anwar’s desires and wishes and found out later the game being played, as he said in his confession.

Taking Deepak’s words on the surface, Malaysians know Anwar is desperate to bring down Najib Tun  Razak and in desperation, he continues with his make-believe issues not knowing the public can already read the whole content.

Living in his make-believe world, Anwar feels everyone clamours for more exposures which in reality Malaysians are watching at his desperate attempts, which is now at the level of INSANE.

Anwar and gang have done almost everything in the book, outside the book, under the table, on the table, name it and he and gang have done it but until today, at this very moment, none of what he has done affect PM Najib Tun Razak.

The conclusion of Umno general assembly, followed by PPP’s assembly and later MIC, reflected solid support for Najib’s leadership and the Malays rallying behind Umno, ready to thrash down any enemy.

In short, Anwar’s number is up now… anytime in the general election and he will be a ‘thing of the past’ after the general election.

His make-believe issues are backfiring one by one – fading as fast as they were raised – a pitiful sight it is, a sight no politician would like to be in.

After Deepak, one wonders who he will use as he will not stop until voting day and he does not care people like it or not, he will continue without shame…. after all he does not have that feeling of shame anymore.

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