Thursday, 7 March 2013


The Philippines Daily Inquirer reported statement made by MNLF officer, Habib Hashim Mudjahab saying that 10,000 people from Tausuq tribe from Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi is now sailing to Sabah to help Sulu intruders in Lahad Datu to go against Malaysia security force. 

The excuse given is that because the people are hurt as Philippine President do not even support their fight.

This report, however, still cannot be confirmed either by Philippine or Malaysia.

If this is true, then this proves MNLF's involvement. 

Thus, proving the involvement of Malaysian opposition in this matter based on the Philippine intelligence report and the expose on Anwar Ibrahim's closed meeting with Nur Misuari. 

It seems like 'defending pride' is just an excuse to invade and attack, causing chaos.

In Philippine, Tausuq tribe caused chaos by organizing a demonstration in front of Malaysia embassy which forced the embassy to be temporarily closed. 

They also insulted the Malaysian flag as well as burning the picture of our Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib, as if we are the one causing harm to their people.

Fact is, Tausugs do not have any rights to touch on the matter of pride. 

Are they too stupid that they fail to realize who is invading who ??? 

Logically, Malaysians are the ones who should held a demonstration in front of Philippine embassy and talk about pride and dignity of the country.

However, demonstrating and causing chaos is not our way. 

Even though Malaysian opposition loves this 'activity', Malaysia is well known for promoting peace. 

Malaysia is known as a mature country, it would never intervene with issues happening to other countries. 

Malaysia even often give a helping hand towards countries that are hit with crisis or natural disaster.

Thus, the ones who do not have any dignity here would be MNLF and Tausug. 

The terrorists are MNLF and the intruders are Sulu. 

Both have proven that they are uncivilized and barbaric.

With that, the name Sultanate of Sulu is no longer relevant because a Sultan, a Muslim Sultan, should respect civilization but people of Sulu are clearly barbarians where they would kill their Muslim brothers like it is not a big deal.

We are aware that MNLF's mission is to 'disturb' the election process in Sabah, causing chaos to tarnish the image of this country. 

All this is done so that the opposition could take over using the 'back door'.

Choosing to take the back door only proves that the opposition do not believe that they can win. 

That is why, they hope, this incident could go on until election day comes, and it would be better if the incident spreads to other states.

It is proven that the opposition, especially Anwar Ibrahim, is willing to do just about anything for the sake of power. 

With Anwar getting desperate, he really need to save himself. 

For Anwar, if he cannot become the next Prime Minister, then everything should crumble along with him.

Sabahan PR supporters may have to think whether they should support the party or not. 

The slogan 'Ini Kalilah PR Sabah' (It's Time For PR Sabah) seems very relevant today.

'Thanks' to Anwar because Ini Kalilah (this time) we are able to see the beginning to Sabah long suffering. 

Perhaps PR Sabah is enjoying their 'victory' ??? 

Perhaps PR Sabah is satisfied over the help from Sulu and MNLF ???

If Sabah GE can proceed as usual and Sabahans really want to be led by ‘Sultan Sulu’ or MNLF terrorists, they should support Pakatan Rakyat.

However, Anwar knows that Sabahans would not agree to this, so that is why he decided to invite these terrorists to 'eliminate' Sabahans so that foreign intervention will put him on top.


  1. teringat sewaktu anwar cakap dia orang dapat sabah sarawak dulu, mungkin anwar dah tahu benda ni bakal terjadi, lepas boleh pulak cakap kesal dengan sikap pemimpin bn patutnys dialah patut kesal dengan sikap sendiri, dah tahu negara nak kena ceroboh boleh buat tak tahu malah ambil kesempatan lagi nak kondem orang lain, harap pakatan haram terbukalah mata, orang yang korang nak undi sangat bangsa malaysia yang sanggup jual malaysia

  2. memang dari dulu lagi lah aku rasa dia ni nak jual negara kita malaysia ni....kan tempoh pemerintahan 5 tahun kalau dia jadi PM...dalam masa 4 tahun tu dia nak kaut harta dulu...tahun kelima mungkin dia akan jual negara kita malaysia ni...siapa tahu kan....kalau kacau bilau malaysia ni dia dah tak kisah..dia dah kaya raya..dia boleh mohon jadi rakyat negara lain...pastu yang tinggal kita semua...sengsara...hidup dalam ketakutan...oh tidakkkk!!!!!


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