Monday, 11 March 2013


Anwar Ibrahim and opposition pact now have issues to play up – to replace the other make-believed issues that have been repeated again and again with new actors and new scenes but same scripts.

Now Anwar and the pact ‘go to town’ crying out loud over the purported government’s ‘slowness and incompetency' in handling the so-called crisis, an issue they think can bring down the government, if not at the very least Sabah.

Lahat Datu to them is the issue that can be played and shake the confidence of Malaysians towards the leadership’s firmness and fast decision making.

One thing for sure, Anwar as a Malay and Muslim, has no idea on the reasons behind the slow decision and he, a former Cabinet member who purposely ignores the sensitive diplomatic issue that involved in the incident.

What Anwar is doing is to just incite and instigate the minds of Malaysians to blame the government for the delay in solving the Lahat Datu incident, and if this works and the psychological effect can be sustained until the general election, he and the pact can salvage whatever have been lost.

Anwar and the pact have lost a lot – the make-believed issues and the latest their manifesto have been shredded to pieces by not their political enemy BN – but by non-partisan economists and normal people.

The manifesto actually show Anwar and the pact’s lack of knowledge – economic and social sciences – because their focus is only on politics and to gain power, even their politics are half-baked, non intellectual and crude.

They misread the 2008 tsunami as support for them when the reality was Malaysians just wanted former out but since Malaysia’s democracy involves the party the PM represents, so the party suffers the effect.

But as of today, Malaysians who voted for the pact realized how they have been cheated, misled and lied and they know now who leaders of the pact are – racists and opportunists who would sell their mothers to achieve what they want.

The Lahad Datu incident to Anwar and the pact is nothing to be sad about, the death of our warriors who defended the country’s dignity and sovereignty has no bearing because Anwar and the pact leaders only think what benefit they get from it.

To them achieving their aim is more important than the country’s dignity, sovereignty, death of armed forces personnel and policemen and the sufferings of people living in the areas affected.

To Anwar and the pact, Lahad Datu is a good issue to play up against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and BN and this is what they will be highlighting during the campaign later.

But they forget one thing, Malaysians, as highlighted by the media, are One Heart (united) in the issue and they are determined to see whoever behind this incident put behind bars.

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