Tuesday, 12 March 2013


When a news came in, the first thing a rational person would do is check on its validity. 

If it is in doubt, we would obviously get suspicious over the person who made the news to understand the motive.

That is the case on the news regarding the involvement of Dato’ Seri Najib and wife in murder case of Mongolian model, Altantuya Sharibuu as well as the corruption case on the purchase of Scorpene submarine. 

These news has been proven to be false which forced the news bearer, SUARAM, to back down, and Balasundram (Bala) and Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), the main channel for the news, to fled to other countries. 

The opposition's involvement in this matter was then exposed.

Sadly, after SUARAM surrendered when their news were proven to be fabricated, the opposition still refuse to give up and kept on playing the same issue with different tools, one of them include the carpet seller, Deepak Jaikishan. 

Deepak, as the news bearer for this second wave of story, also had been proven to be stuck with personal issues and he has his own agenda to hit Dato’ Seri Najib. 

Money is the main motive, other than publicity, considering Deepak is in deep trouble with his business which has been established for years. 

Deepak's twisted and contradicting statements somehow shows that he loves cheap publicity and that his statements should not be trusted.

Being pushed in the corner as they were exposed as the mastermind behind Sulu's terrorism, as well as other issues such as Kalimah Allah, hudud, Hadi's message, DAP's dirty election, other than issues involving scandals among their leaders, has forced the opposition to recycle Altantuya's issue, even though they lost.

The opposition is said to have lost in this issue not just because it was proven that their news were fabricated, it is also because all of their paid news bearers were proven to not have strong credibility.

Just like Deepak and SUARAM, news bearers for the first wave, Bala and RPK both have weak credibility, RPK was proven to have been treated for his mental illness during his teenage years, and he has now made a U-turn, admitting that he does not have the integrity as how everyone thought. 

He was just hired by the opposition to fabricate stories based on the orders given to him.

However, perhaps many do not know about who Bala really is and why would he make accusations against our national leader. 

Some of us might know that Bala is a former police officer.

Did you know that Bala became a 'former' police officer not because he retired or voluntarity retired, it was because he has vales which goes against police and human values. 

In other words, Bala is born with characteristics of a criminal.

Bala's real name is Balasubramaniam A/L Perumal, Identity Card number: 600928-08-6235, born in Batang Padang, Perak

He joined RMP on May 3, 1981 and hired to the post on May 3, 1984.

As a Constable, he worked in signal unit from 1982 to 1984. 

In 1992, he was promoted as Lance Corporal, responsible over General Task for administrative branch in Sentul Police Station, before being transferred to Special Branch in Petaling Jaya on 1994.

In 1995, however, Bala was charged with disciplinary actions and his salary was withheld over a criminal case on Pantai Report 4434/95 Case Section 3(1) of the Kidnapping Act by Selangor Chief of Police, with reference to PKS 498/95 dated November 1, 1995.

The case was not the only criminal case involving Bala. 

Fact is, Bala was involved with multiple cases which led to the disciplinary actions.

It is clear that Bala cannot be trusted, just as same as Deepak, RPK, SUARAM and all of the Opposition coalition which became their mastermind. 

Logically, only people with bad intentions would cooperate with criminals such as Bala.

From those disciplinary issues, the administration decided that Bala should no longer be given any chance. 

In the end, Bala was forced to resign within 24 hours with a month salary notice on February 2, 1998.

From there, Bala then moved to the world of Private Eye which of course, would be easier for him to get closer to criminals, including the country's traitors.

His involvement in Altantuya's case might have been seen by Bala as the easiest way for him to get rich.

However, things went bad and Bala had to fled out of Malaysia.

And we do not have to ask how Bala got to live life in luxury just like RPK, based on the pictures of them in London which was spread before this, was sponsored by who... 

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