Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Saiful’s father Azlan Mohd Lazim joins PKR, after making a ‘U-turn’ on adopted son’s allegation being sodomised by PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim.

To those who follow the political development, Azlan’s act is not a surprise and in fact, those in the know expected this will come given the desperation Anwar is in.

The Lahad Datu attack has got Anwar in a fix because the media in Philippines and the country’s intelligence service pointed their fingers on him, one of the three sources of investigations that led the unrecognized Sultan of Sulu to send his army to Sabah.

Anwar is now working on diversion to the Lahad Datu incident so that there would not be much talk about him and his involvement, if there is any but it seems he is very much involved.

The Philippines media made no qualms about the intelligence report but to Anwar, that is very dangerous because that revealed his involvement, how deep no one knows but as far as the Philippines intelligence is concerned, the finger pointed to him.

So Anwar has to act fast, not so much about his involvement or connection but more so to hide the facts or speculations from Malaysians, particularly from his partners in Pakatan Rakyat, or probably no… not any of those… he just wants to cloud the eyes and minds of Malaysians by suing any publications for connecting him to the incident.

Yes, that is his reason so that the courts can clear his name and he can walk tall and tell Malaysians he is being framed while at the same time nightly is his ceramahs he continues singing the song ‘tanya sama Najib’.

Shrewd and dangerous, Anwar is desperate to bring success to his pact, and of course the elusive Prime Minister post that he has been aiming for by selling everything he has got.

He has to show to his partners DAP and PAS that he contributes… because PKR is no longer a party that can contribute to the pact given its influence is fading away and its influence is diminishing fast.

PKR has got no political base and philosophies and there is no way the party could contribute positively and contribute to the numbers the pact needed to engage BN what more to topple the coalition from Putrajaya.

So if creating havoc can cause BN to reduce votes and focus is considered a great contribution as replacement for not delivering votes, Anwar feels the Prime Minister’s post is his and leaders of DAP and PAS would ‘salute’ and respect him.

Thus, this is what Anwar is doing, divert people’s mind from Lahad Datu’s and the true details by having Saiful’s father to make a ‘U-turn’ and suing Utusan Malaysia and TV3 so that Malaysians are engrossed with these stories rather than investigation who is the culprits behind the Lahad Datu attack.

It is best that Malaysians take Saiful’s father’s joining PKR as one of the many dramas just like PI Bala and carpet seller Deepak stories and focus on Lahad Datu where our security men are putting their lives to protect the lives of citizens and the country’s soveriengty and dignity.

In reality, Anwar does even care about the two words as he does not even have any of them.

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  1. Anwar can go to hell, for what he has done


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