Friday, 8 March 2013


The latest update in Lahad Datu states that Sulu terrorists are beginning to lose.

It is said that they are requesting for a cease fire to be announced. 

Few of the excuse for that is that they want to bury those who are dead and hope that the demand can be fulfilled based on the understanding among religion.

Obviously, such request should not be taken into consideration, especially with such excuse. 

If we are to consider such an excuse, the incident of intruding and killing Muslims might not have even happened in the first place.

Thus, we see that their request is weird and inconsistent with their stand where they would rather die than surrender.

The whole world knew that the Malaysian government has given them ample time to leave this country peacefully. 

However, Malaysia diplomacy was responded with rudeness and terror. 

They even want to make this issue bigger by asking for foreign power to intervene with this matter.

Clearly, Sulu never really think of the consequences for their actions both on innocent Sabahans as well as Muslims in terms of unity, strength as well as the image of Islam itself.

This is why Malaysian government wanted to settle this in a diplomatic way.

However, considering that Sulu do not value the courtesy, Malaysian government do not have any reason to fulfil their request to announce cease fire. 

It seems like these Sulu terrorists have misjudged the credibility of our security system.

Malaysia's approach would be, the good will be treated nicely, but since those terrorists have sworn that they would fight until their last breath, they cannot afford to get any 'extra time' through cease fire.

That is why, Sulu terrorists have no other choice but to surrender.

For Sulu terrorists, try to accept the fact that Sabah does not belong to you.

Sabahans would never want to be led by terrorists who are willing to gamble with their lives. 

Your false Sultan does not deserve to rule.

If you are asking for more time to bury your comrades, by then, yo might just find that no one can bury anyone, for your side that is.

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