Friday, 8 March 2013


Now the Sulu Sultanate wants to ceasefire to avoid more bloodshed and ‘crimes against Filipinos’ but insisted they would stay where they are now.

According to a series of postings on Philippine news network ABN-CBS’s Twitter page this afternoon, the Sultanate’s spokesman Abraham Idjirani told a press conference in the Philippines that the call for a ceasefire was in view of deaths of followers in Sabah.

The Sultanate promised that its army will lay down arms and take on a defensive stance if Malaysia’s security forces agree to do the same.

The question is why now ??? 

Why when his army is in a defensive and cornered ??? 

Why when his army has lost many lives ???

Why didn’t he call for ceasefire when his army first killed our policemen ??? 

Why didn’t he apologise when his army cheated our policemen by raising a white flag but shot them when they innocently went to check the situation.

The Malaysian government and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had given enough time and leeway, sympathy and tolerance never shown by any others to the intruders when they first landed.

Najib was patient to allow time for them to consider their situation and then lay down their arms and surrender, to the extent that Najib would allow them to go back home, just imagine the tolerant Najib showed.

But after the death of our security men, Najib has no choice but to retaliate the manner the intruders treated our hospitality, with bullets and dead bodies.

Now the Sultanate wanted ceasefire because he saw so many of his men dead and others now fleeing while suffering from food shortage whatever that we do not know.

The Sultanate is only interested in saving his people but not considering Malaysia’s soveriengty, honour, dignity, the fallen security men and the shame of Malaysian leaders.

The Sultanate could not care less about all that because he may be thinking of regrouping his men during the ceasefire and launch another offensive when Malaysian armed forces and police loosen their hold.

It is better for the government to just continue with the current offensive and mopping up and let the Sultanate bitch about anything he wants.

Do not even think about considering the suggestion because eight of our security men had been slained… without mercy and without any feelings of guilt.

Given such scenario and the determination of the Sultanate to pursue Sabah as his land, we might as well forget about ceasefire and continue to clean up Lahad Datu of these terrorists.

The longer they stay the more damage they will do and worse if their presence influence others who are citizens but who related to them.

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  1. itu hari keras bukan main..masa kita cakap sopan...persilakan keluar dan balik lah kepada kaum keluarga kamu! Lembut bahasa kami! Tapi keras suara kamu!! Kamu balas dengan kekejaman, tipu helah. Kamu tunjuk gagah dan kamu angkuh mencabar kami. Sekarang pintu rundingan sudah tertutup rapat. KAMU SEMUA YANG DATANG MENCEROBOH DAN MENGGANAS AKAN DIHAPUSKAN DARI MUKA BUMI INI!!!! Rakyat Malsysia tidak terima kehadiran kamu!!!


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