Wednesday 31 October 2012


People say that politic is dirty. 

Perhaps it is true, but the only thing that is dirty would be politicians, not politic itself. 

Despite that, for Pakatan Rakyat, it is not just the people who are dirty, even its political strategies are dirty as well.

We all know that PKR, DAP and PAS never really have any meeting point for them to actually work together as a coalition. 

For these three to work together is actually impossible. 

Nevertheless, they still insist to tell rakyat that they are fine together, fighting for rakyat.

Knowing DAP which is led by Lim's Dynasty, their natural kiasu-ness would never let them accept anyone as their leader. 

The same thing goes to PAS who seem like fighting with Ulama leaders for Islamic country, it would be impossible for them to accept any outsiders as their leader.

But DAP and PAS have accepted Anwar Ibrahim as their leader, hence, as the future Prime Minister, or to be more precise, President, of we are to count PR's fight to form a Republic. 

Weird, right ???

Things get even weirder if we are to look at the history on relationship between Anwar and PAS as well as DAP. 

In 1997, as Anwar's sodomy case gets famous, Mat Sabu was one of the first who revealed the information in an interview with Majalah Tamadun. 

Mat Sabu was also responsible in fabricating the famous nickname, 'Al-juburi' for Anwar. 

During the interview, Mat Sabu criticized UMNO for having such a dirty leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

In the same year, Karpal Singh took further action by bringing Anwar's sodomy issue to the Parliament. 

This can be proven through Parliament Hansard record. 

Karpal Singh questioned the government for letting such dirty man become a leader. 

He also revealed that DAP has concrete evidence on what they have claimed.

When Anwar was finally sacked, Karpal Singh then suddenly defended Anwar as best as he could. 

Obviously, all of the evidence regarding Anwar's mistake like what they have charged were kept nicely. 

And the evidence should still be in the hands of Karpal and DAP.

With information and evidence owned by DAP and PAS regarding Anwar, their actions in accepting Anwar as leader proves that they have their own or separate agendas in making sure that each party would gain enough power.

Internal sources told that DAP and PAS had made a verbal agreement between a few leaders of the parties regarding Anwar. 

According to the sources, both the parties had agreed to accept Anwar because there are simply no other candidates are fit enough to become the 'middle man' of their coalition. 

Anwar who used to have a radical Islamic thinking who then changed to liberal and plural is the best man to fit between extreme Muslims and kafir.

But, both PAS and DAP cannot let Anwar become their leader for too long. 

Thus, they have agreed that Anwar would only hold the position for a short period of time, while things are still stable and rakyat could still accept PR's administration. 

With this, PAS and DAP can use Anwar as a scapegoat if PR government ever gets threatened and doubted by rakyat.

This would also cause rage among rakyat against Anwar and it would make it easier for them to kick Anwar out. 

To prepare an official excuse to eliminate Anwar, they would raise Anwar's sex scandals again by revealing new evidence which they have been keeping all these while.

At the same time, leaders from DAP and PAS would provide statements by saying that they do believe that the sex video between Anwar and a Chinadoll was true.

Source also told that within two years, the latest, Anwar would be dragged to jail by PAs and DAP. 

This is the verbal agreement made between PAS and DAP.

But, either they could trust one another is another story. 

This is because DAP has this similarity with Anwar based on their four basic mission, eliminating Royal Institutions, eliminating the Malay Regiment and making Malaysia as a Secular country.

And PAS only wants to add up more religion to the country by implementing hudud and increasing the implementation of Islamic law and Islamic way of living which totally goes against DAP.

DAP and PAS could both believe that they could fulfill their objectives without Anwar. 

But could they reach the objective together ??? 

By the end of the day, one party would have to give in and we could expect that PAS would be the one at the losing end even though the majority of rakyat in this country is Malay.

This is because PAS leaders are proven to be too weak and they could not go against DP. 

Things get worse as PAS itself is overpowered by Anwarinas with principal which is almost as same as DAP. 

This group would definitely create trouble if the PAS-DAP agreement is implemented.

Thus, what we can see here is that the country would tremble if PR rule. 

Lim Dynasty would hold on to their power to implement DAP's agenda, PAS would just listen as they are simply slow and weak to fight. 

Anwar in the other hand, might then use his influence with the West to break these two parties.

This chaos would lead to rage among rakyat as everything goes haywire. 

I do not have to tell the end result of this matter because I am certain that we could figure it out ourselves.

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  1. At one stage....pas & dap had suggested tengku razali would be better to be a next prime minister....


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