Friday, 8 March 2013


Scums !!! 

That is the first word we could say after seeing the caricature published in one of the opposition's portal. 

It depicted the picture of a swine shooting at a man holding a tasbih.

The significance which we could see from the characters in the cartoon would be as if the country's armed forces are fighting against the weak Sulu intruders, all without any well-equip fire power.

Even though if we are to look it at certain angle it is true, because we cannot deny that our security forces do have state of the art weapons. 

But that does not mean they cannot attack those intruders, because the whole country know that those intruders has taken out eight of our national heroes.

However, that is not the thing which we should discuss, because the issue here is how rude they are in attempting to gain sympathy from rakyat. 

How dare they manipulate this issue as Malaysians are still in grief over the invasion in Sabah ???

It seems like the only thing opposition wants is to ensure BN/UMNO fall, that is it.

It is true, in the political arena, everyone wants to win, but that does not mean one can be rude. 

Some things can be done for the sake of parties political interest, but when it comes to issues involving security of our country, Malaysia need all of its rakyat to stand united. 

It is just sad to see the opposition only focuses on populist issues which only benefits them.

For example, the death case of a political officer to one of Selangor Exco member from DAP a while back, not just that they seek for defense, leaders such as Anwar Ibrahim and Nizar Jamaluddin even came to the funeral as a token of respect.

But, as eight of our heroes died in defending our country, not just that they did not come, some of them even insulted these fallen heroes. 

What's worse is that some of their supporters even described these fallen heroes as government dogs etc.

Where is the solidarity, demonstration, Royal Commission of Inquiry, hajat prayers and other things like what was done for Beng Hock ??? 

Is the death of our eight heroes is not as significant as Beng Hock's death ???

Not to raise any sentiment issues, but sometimes their political strategies need to be rejected. 

Their 'the end justifies the mean' political culture is not part of our Malaysian culture.

Malaysiakini for example, tries to belittle the credibility and integrity of our national armed forces through their report saying as if the measures taken by Malaysian army was too much, by only quoting statements made by Sulu leaders from Philippine.

It is clear that the report was released to create a while lot of other perception among rakyat. 

Not just that, they even tried to strengthen then story by showing picture of people burning the picture of our Prime Minister.

In a way, the portal tries to show that they are transparent in reporting their news, but in another angle, they are only bringing bad agenda, spreading their agenda through readers' unconscious mind so that rakyat will hate our government and our leaders in any way possible.

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