Thursday 24 January 2013


Many were shocked with media report yesterday saying that Penang Chief Minister, Tokong Lim Guan Eng, once again stressed that any new events which want to use the word 'Penang', should acquire approval from the state government before using it. 

The excuse, to identify which political party is organizing the event, to avoid any misuse. 

The statement was made as a response to the hosting of the 2013 Penang Run which is supposed to be held during Thaipusam. 

Considering that the event is endorsed by the state's Youth and Sports Department, Lim's statement automatically means that the Department had been denied of its powers to approve for any event, showing the Tokong's real dictatorship.

This country has never seen a Chief Minister taking such an arrogant measure in claiming the name of his state as his own. 

How would it be if the federal government are to ask the opposition to seek for approval before they use the word 'Malaysia' in any of their events ???

What about the abuse made by Pakatan Rakyat in using the word Rakyat in their events such as "Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat” ???  

Because in PR's mind, rakyat only mean one thing, it means 'all Malaysians', even if the party does not represent all rakyat. 

We can even see that majority rakyat reject PR just like during the HKR#112 where only 45,000 'rakyat' attended.

It seems that the closer the election comes, the more Lim began to show the real side of him. 

Not enough with taking over Islam's rights, wanting to use kalimah Allah in the Bible, now he wants to deny the rights among people of Penang over their own state's name.

Guan Eng's actions can be seen as a paranoia where he is scared of his own shadow. 

He never feel safe and he does not trust anyone. 

As Chief Minister who receives support from rakyat would never suffer such paranoia. 

It is clear that Guan Eng is aware that the whole Penang hates him.

Not that we don't know that Guan Eng hates other races. 

How can rakyat respect a Chief Minister who do not trust them and has plans to chase them away from the state ???

If Guan Eng does not respect other race and religion, he does not deserve the rights to be respected even from himself, his race and his religion. 

Whatever it is, he is lucky because most Muslims in this country are smart. 

We do not know what would happen to Guan Eng if he does the same thing to other Islamic States.

That is why we could see how only a few PAS supporters dare to step on DAP's flag despite of their ties with DAP.

However, we cannot tell the future. 

Perhaps Guan Eng will be stepped on by the end of the day.

Thus, Guan Eng should learn how to respect others. 

Respecting others would not just be a political benefit, it would also be good for one's personal safety.

Just a reminder for Guan Eng, paranoia is just a psychological problem.

People of Penang do not need to suffer having a Chief Minister who is a racist, chauvinist, kiasu, stupid, not transparent and inefficient, please do not add up their suffering with psychological problem. 

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