Monday 28 January 2013


The issue of kalimah Allah has really put PAS in a tight conflict between religion and politics which is between Allah SWT with Tokong Lim DAP.

Mainstream media  these days often publish report on objections made by PAS members against DAP through peaceful demonstration, and stomping on DAP's flag. 

Some even demanded that PAS should get out of Pakatan Rakyat. 

Few of them include supporters from Penang and Kelantan.

With that, Ulama Council Chief as well as a few of PAS Ulama leaders made statements to oppose on the usage of kalimah Allah in the Bible. 

However, these Ulama were then criticized by DAP and PKR because they have previously agreed to the matter and any change of minds after that is just irrelevant.

This then brought them to a democratic decision where DAP and PKR won and PAS lost, even though PAS refuse to admit that.

With that, PAS top leadership took the decision to stay quiet. 

In short, PAS decided to not make any decisions.

This then raises question among rakyat. 

Until when would PAS supporters organize demonstrations to oppose DAP which does not lead to anything ??? 

What would they get from stomping on DAP's flag ???

Finally, Harakahdaily today gave their response through the statement of PAS Kelantan  Youth Chief, Abdul Latif Abdul Rahman where he denied that those who were at the demonstration were members or supporters for PAS. 

He said, that is just UMNO's gimmick to cause trouble between PAS-DAP. 

He said, it is the proof that UMNO is desperate.

According to him, PAS members respect the Syura Council's decision and they would not have organized any demo and put they are blaming the Home Ministry as they are unable to handle the kalimah Allah issue even when it is under UMNO's jurisdiction.

In other words, he accepts Syura Council's decision that kalimah Allah cannot be used by other religion but the decision only falls to PAS members, and at the same time, it is subjected to Pakatan Rakyat's decision that members of DAP, PKR and those are are not PAS members, can use kalimah Allah in their religious books.

That is Pakatan Rakyat's official decision which PAS leaders do not really know how to express, but Abdul Latif managed to explain all that to us.

Abdul Latif must have understand that as long as PAS is with PR, the party would have to obey to PR's decision and PAs's decision is just irrelevant.

That is why, If PR wins the coming election, we can expect that kalimah Allah can be used by other religion, freely.

If Abdul Latif denies this one as well, then he should explain where would this kalimah Allah issue stand if PR leads this country.

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