Monday 28 January 2013


UM Centre Of Democracy And Election (UMCEDEL) once again ran a survey regarding the election on December 26, 2012 until January 11, 2013 which involves 1409 respondents. 

Prior to that, they did the same survey involving 2282 respondents from March 31, 2012 - April 15, 2012 and 1536 respondents from September 1, 2012 - September 16, 2012.

UMCEDEL previously discovered that 50% chooses BN and 30% remain undecided. 

However, BN supporters did not really take the results seriously because they take UMCEDEL as same as Merdeka Center, a research centre which is led by foreign party and it cannot be trusted.

And with the background of UMCEDEL's Director, Professor Datuk Dr. Mohammad Redzuan Othman, the former President if ABIM who is still loyal towards Anwar Ibrahim and seems open with the idea of liberalism. 

Besides that, Prof. Redzuan is also questioned regarding his credibility in handling political census considering that he is from the Faculty of History and Literature.

Thus, when he announced that the recent survey found that there is a decline in support towards BN, it is expected. 

It is just a standard strategy for Merdeka Center to show declining support as General Election comes closer to bring down BN's moral, and it is UMCEDEL's responsibility to do the same.

However, to be fair, we should have an open mind and accept the findings presented by UMCEDEL, which showed that 78% from 1409 respondents have their doubts in BN on issue of integrity and power abuse and from the 78%, 95% of the respondents are Chinese, showing signs that component party, MCA, will be facing a tough challenge in getting back their seats.

What is more interesting is that, NFC issue, Lynas and Deepak is also said to be a huge issue among rakyat and it could become a possible threat for BN.

While for the opposition, the issue which becomes priority for rakyat would be the internal conflict. 

However, it is surprising that only 59% takes it as the main issue, while 21% is not sure and another 20% do not care if their government often fight among one another.

Issues such as PTPTN, free tolls and reduce oil price shows that 50% respondents believe that opposition will be able to fulfil their promise. 

Thus, showing that Malaysians still fail to understand the logical explanation on the logic of managing the country's and global economy to believe that they could do such a thing without having to suffer financial crisis in such short notice.

Whatever it is, if we are to consider that the 1409 respondents are the voice of rakyat, then one thing which we would have to look on would be the Chinese's tendency to choose PR or accepting Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister. 

Support from the Chinese towards PR, or Anwar Ibrahim if true, is seen through the factor of PR's characteristics which is liberal and that they are prepared to abolish the 'Islamic State' clause in the constitution as well as getting rid of Malay rights. 

Moreover, PR is also known to be supporting Christians activities as well as their openness towards LGBT group.

Even though PAS is supposed 'balance' things out on PR's liberalism, everyone knows that PAS's voice does not matter in the coalition. 

PAS cannot do anything other than objecting the matter with their mouth, or their best, step on DAP's flag. 

That is about it.

This is because PAs is scared if they are kicked out from PR.

The fact is, PAS cannot put their hope on PKR to help them defend Islam even though the party is led by Anwar Ibrahim, a Muslim Malay. 

Anwar is a pluralist, liberal and he is much more comfortable to be around Christian DAP than PAS. 

We are not surprised why the Chinese chooses PR and we are not surprised if they are willing to take Anwar as their Prime Minister. 

Considering that all of Anwar's secret is still in DAP's hands, UMCEDEL's survey findings may be credible after all.

However, the thing which might be in question would be their motive in supporting PR because we believe that the government's integrity is not part of the issue. 

If that is the issue, then DAP's integrity in terms of corruption and vote rigging is a lot worse, thing goes to PKR and PAS as well.

The conclusion, the Chinese choose to go with PR because PR is willing to sacrifice Islam and Malay rights. 

Malays chooses PR because they want to 'get rid' of corruption, even if they have to sacrifice Islam and their own race.

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