Wednesday 30 January 2013


The Prime Minister's visit to Palestine recently has been gaining positive response from Malaysians. 

It strengthen Malaysia's image as a country which is serious in fighting for peace instead of just being rhetoric in its fight for peace.

Even though the visit was seen negatively by the opposition, saying that it is just another one of the government's election publicity, the important thing here is that it is an effort to achieve peace, and it begins now.

Looking at all the sufferings faced by Palestinians due to all the attacks from Israel, making claims saying that the Prime Minister's visit is just another publicity proves that the opposition is not even concerned with the matter.

This is because, the visit is a daring effort taken by the Prime Minister and wife, where they decided to head over to a 'warzone', taking risk over their own safety and lives, to accept the invitation given by Palestine seeking for help from Malaysia to unite Hamas and Fatah.

Only with the union, people of Palestine will be able to fight for their country against the terrorism and invasion done by the Israeli regime.

That is why, Dato’ Seri Najib's commitment in helping other Muslims, should not be taken as a political issue. 

It should be seen as an issue surrounding all Muslims around the world.

However, the opposition's response is not a surprise. 

This is because, PAS, an 'islamic' party within Pakatan Rakyat, does not really support the spirit of union.

Not that we don't know PAS does not support in uniting ummah, we also know that some PAS supporters would rather die fighting their brothers just as long as they could see their party get to Putrajaya.

That is why we are not surprised when PAS do not even share the same pride which Malaysians felt, over the Prime Minister's effort in uniting Muslims in Palestine.

PAS' behavior can clearly be seen through their actions when they sacked Ustaz Nasharuddin Mat Isa from their Syura Ulama Council which was announced soon after he got back from Palestine escorting the Prime Minister.

This proves that to PAS, everything is politics, that is it. 

Thus, Ustaz Nasha's actions in escorting the Prime Minister to Gaza is viewed by PAS as treason.

Perhaps this is what Hadi Awang meant on his message where he prohibit the separation of religion and politics; asking Muslims to include religion to politics which then becomes their guideline for religion, instead of the other way round.

That is why as we see how Muslims in Palestine getting attacked, and while Muslims around pray for their safety, PAS prayed for UMNO to go K.O.

There is no doubt that instead of the Prime Minister, PAS is the one who used Palestine as their political game to look for publicity by saying that they helped as well, by just waving their party's flag there.

However, not even a single PAS leaders have the guts to do anything to really help Palestine. 

And when one of its leaders tried to be serious in helping Palestine, Ustaz Nasharuddin Mat Isa for instance, he is  seen as a traitor.

Whatever it is, we are proud to be Malaysian Muslims where the government is stable enough to help in fighting for peace, especially in Islamic states. 

We are also proud to have a smart, brave and sincere leader who managed to get Malaysia to this stage even if some Malaysians are threatened with issues against one another thanks to the work of the devil.

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