Wednesday 23 January 2013


The issue of kalimah Allah which still stirs around Pakatan Rakyat still yet to show any sign that it might stop. 

DAP's natural kiasu-ness would never let the party give anything up. 

Meanwhile, PAS is desperate to convince the party's supporters that they are still able to defend Islam. 

And PKR took the same stand as DAP with the excuse that they have earlier agreed upon the matter in the pact, and that includes PAS.

Thus, the U-turn which is taken by PAS based on the decision made by its Syura Council will not be put under consideration due to the excuse where PAS did not refer to the Syura Council before agreeing to the matter, and the burden should not be put against PR.

And in the end, the ones who had to suffer the consequences on PAS's mistakes would be none other than Islam and Muslims.

However, as Muslims, we have been taught to understanding the blessing in disguise. 

The blessing from this 'tragedy' is that we could see how chaotic Pakatan Rakyat really is. 

Just look at how this issue still goes on even though it has been around for weeks.

DAP and PKR held on to their original agreement and ignored PAS and the party's Syura Council.

Whatever the factor is, we do not see any consistency in PAS's fight on this matter because even in the official media reports such as Harakah or Harakahdaily, PAS still denies the fact that the decision made by the Syura Council is a U-turn. 

Instead, they are telling people that they are consistent in now allowing the kalimah Allah to be used by non-Muslims.

Harakah lied to its readers by saying that the U-turn is just a twist made by UMNO media. 

However, the ones who criticized PAS's U-turn are DAP and PKR, not just UMNO. 

Sadly, Harakah is too scared to criticize DAP or PKR, and they only have the guys to attack on UMNO.

It is clear that PR has no one on top. 

If not, obviously the leader would have ordered to put a stop to this issue.

That did not happen because Anwar Ibrahim, who plays the role as the General Leader, is just a symbol of Malay leadership. 

Because the fact is, Anwar's rank is even lower than regular officers in DAP such as Zairil, a Chinese who uses a Malay name. 

The only thing which Anwar can do is making statements, and his statement would just be as same as the Syura Council's statement, worthless.

In Barisan Nasional, all component parties accepts BN Chairman as their leader where all decisions are made collectively and in a democratic way, but, the highest power is still in the hand of the Chairman. 

If some issues begin to go on for quite some time, the Chairman could provide orders to them to stop the issue, by giving the final say. 

With that, party could remain stable and it could move alongside the government in providing its service to rakyat as well as managing the country.

PR do not have such thing. 

We are aware that DAP would never bow down to Anwar or anyone else. 

And PAS is already 'shying away' from Anwar but the party is still scared of DAP.

When the leader does not get any respect he deserves, what would happen to the party once it begins to rule the country ??? 

What would happen to this kalimah Allah issue once PR leads the country ???

We can imagine how while Karpal Singh debates with PAS in the media, Malay-language Bibles, with kalimah Allah in it, will kept on being distributed to schools. 

When UMNO criticize, PAS would defend DAP by saying that DAP is innocent because the party does not understand Islam.

As the debate gets deeper, 'Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim' would only watch and gives sign to PAS to give up. 

Perhaps one of two of PAS leaders would, but a few other would not back down.

And as they keep on fighting one another, Malay language Bibles has been spread all over the country, confusing Muslims.

Thus, to those who can think, this kalimah Allah issue is a sign given by Allah, showing the status of Islam and Muslim under Pakatan Rakyat. 

It is clear that we would end up being in hell if we are to be led by devils.

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