Wednesday, 2 January 2013


As the wife of a rich politician with luxury cars and houses as well as making his own money as a company's director even without really working, Shamsidar Tahrin is truly the woman with everything.

However, despite all of that, Shamsidar is seen as the saddest wife there is for having a husband who cheats on her, a husband who does not love her at all. 

This is because her name is links with a sex scandal involving former Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, her husband did not do anything to defend her to clear out her image.

With the prove of her DNA which was found in the first sodomy case involving Anuar, Shamsidar's name is now tarnished. 

Even intimate stories which is revealed by family members of her husband, Ummi Hafilda as well as Anwar's close friend, Nallakarupan turns Shamsidar as a woman who is not even worth a penny. 

Not just that, her daughter, Afifa, is also claimed to be a wedlock between her and Anwar.

It is sad for Shamsidar because no matter how much she is shamed, her husband still refuse to come forward to defend her. 

Her husband is only busy working for his ambition to be in power and simply let his wife live in shame.

Up until now, Nalla and Ummi kept on making Shamsidar as part of their point in ceramah and media statements. 

What is worse, Nalla even stated that he has proof in forms of video between Anwar and Shamsidar which would definitely be shocking.

All of the claims are definitely heavy and it could destroy one's life.

No one would keep themselves quiet if they are accused of such matter. 

And no husband would ignore such matter if he believes that the wife is innocent.

However, this is what's happening to Shamsidar. 

Her husband only denied the matter a little without going through the details.

Thus, it is now time for Shamsidar to clean her name, if it is true that she has never had a scandal with Anwar. 

Isn't it obvious that she can't hope for protection from her own husband ???

Husbands such as Azmin should not be respected. 

It is stupid for a man to let his wife get insulted if she is innocent, and it is stupid for a man to share his wife with other men.

It is important for Shamsidar to clean her image if she does not want to be haunted by this. 

History can never be forgotten. 

She is the wife of a politician who was claimed to have a scandal with the former Deputy Prime Minister who is now Malaysian Opposition Leader.

Shamsidar would not mind if her family is tormented with this embarrassment ??? 

What would the family think about this ??? 

What would Affifa's think of this ??? 

Would Azmin be able to ensure that his family would not know of this bad past ???

Everything is up to Shamsidar. 

Either bring Nallakarupan and Ummi Hafilda to court and challenge them officially, or kept on living in shame.

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