Wednesday 24 October 2012


The ‘war’ is on now…

BN is ready to except for some final touches and then the battle can begin.

BN, after more than 50 years rule which saw Malaysia developing at a very fast pace, is now facing the most critical time in its political path.

Led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, BN has been strategizing and strengthening its position slowly after its dismal performance in 2008 that saw four states went to the opposition.

Umno, the backbone of BN is already standing and ready for battle few years back and at present Najib has managed to strengthen MCA, the party representing Chinese community and MIC, the Indian community’s representative in BN.

Gerakan, a multi-racial but Chinese-based party in BN was at a total lost after the 2008 general election but at present, it manages to ‘return’ but not fully, still staggering.

Despite such a situation, Najib has managed to bring back the spirit of comradeship among the BN component parties which fell behind after 2008 general election.

Najib’s confidence was further boosted after the MCA assembly Sunday that saw the party is now on its feet and is fighting hard to get back the confidence of the community.

The challenges of the ruling BN are not so much on it policies but the manner the oppositions launched their attack the past several years which saw the harmonious plural society split in terms of race and religion.

Headed by Anwar Ibrahim, once BN deputy Prime Minister who ‘missed the opportunity of the premiership’ due to his immoral character and abuse of power, the opposition is on a very aggressive onslaught to allow Anwar to ‘grab back the opportunity’.

Regardless of the effect of their actions, playing up sensitive religious and racial issues which affect the harmony and unity of Malaysians that have been tirelessly built, the ruling BN is faced with the toughest ever election this time around.

Anwar, being obsessed with his ambition, has allowed himself being made a stooge by foreign masters and also a tool used by chauvinistic DAP.

Whether he is aware of it or not, Anwar does not care and he doesn't even care whether the country will be in one piece if… this is if…. he succeeds in helming Putrajaya.

He only care for his ambition and this has made him fighting like a mad man as though there is no tomorrow, promising anything as long as he can rally support of Malaysians.

In short, Najib and BN is not fighting an intelligent and rational political enemy but a political animal that will eat even its friends.

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