Wednesday 24 October 2012


Lim Kit Siang attempt to break up Muslims by wanting to enforce the concept of Secular Country for Malaysia has now put PAS in dilemma.

Kit Siang somehow wants to raise doubt among Muslims upon UMNO by quoting Tunku Abdul Rahman saying that Malaysia is a Secular Country. 

However, he forgotten that Tun Mahathir, Tun Abdullah and Datuk Seri Najib strictly stated that Malaysia is an Islamic Country.

Thus, if a statement which came from a single Prime Minister should be taken into consideration, why should statements from three other Prime Ministers should be rejected ?

Besides, how can a concept of administration be enforced with just one mere statement ? 

When the more important matter in explaining the concept of administration is by looking at the constitution and looking at the social landscape of the society as a whole.

Malaysia is an Islamic country as it is led by a Muslim who does not support vice and goes against the constitution which champions Islam and practices open religion among rakyat where they could practice their religion without any restrictions. 

Malaysia also has become an exemplary Islamic Country and acknowledged by Ulama around the world including Syeikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

So, for Kit Siang to deny the fact that this is an Islamic Country only shows his persistence in fighting against Islam by wanting to establish a Secular Country.

The question which surface from his action how be, how about PAS ???

Does he raise this matter so that he could assist PAS to build the real Islamic Country ??? 

Obviously not, because general knew that Kit Siang and DAP are always consistent, open and strictly reject any efforts to form an Islamic Country.

It is not impossible that Kit Siang simply wants to test and see where does PAS stand in this matter. 

Would PAS defend Kit Siang's statement by approving the fact that Malaysia is a Secular Country or would they say otherwise ??? 

If yes, would PAS make a pledge that they will be able to form the real Islamic Country which they said UMNO cannot ever do, or would PAS follow DAP's wants, making sure that this country remain as a Secular Country ???

As expected, PAS only remain quiet, scared that they might be screamed at by DAP. 

At the end of it, PAS could only agree with DAP who stated that Malaysia is not an Islamic Country.

Now it is clear that if Pakatan Rakyat rule, Kit Siang would ensure that the first thing which PR Government would announce is that Malaysia is not an Islamic Country. 

From there, four of DAP's main objectives would be implemented as soon as PR take over where they would 'Destroy all Malay Royal Constitutions', Royal Malay Regiment, bumiputera rights and rejecting Islam as the official religion in Malaysia.

Thus, with PAS stood in silence as DAP continues their fight for a Secular Country, it is not wrong for us to say that PAS has always been ready to fight alongside DAP. 

If there are Malays who might still vote for PAS, do know that you are helping in rejecting Islam in your own soil.


  1. Dasar Penghapusan Bangsa!!!!!

    SIAPA DAP ???? dia kena ingat satu perkara , jika PAS keluar daripada FUCKATANRAKYAT nescaya musnah lah rejim yahudi tu ...

    Kehadiran rakyat utk menyetai perhimpunan HARAM mereka belum tentu menjanjikan bahawa mereka akan menang PRU-13 nanti .....

    PS;/ Admin juga dijemput utk menjadi follower di laman blog saya


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