Tuesday 30 October 2012


PKR and PAS youth protested against MCA for the party’s hard stand against Hudud laws and Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s statement that women who wear revealing cloths should be raped and they asked for it.

How the statement from Nik Aziz is read is up to the individual but the irony is that how come PAS and PKR youth could protest against MCA and the party president Chua Soi Lek when they did not even open their mouths when DAP leader Karpal Singh put his foot down against Hudud laws and implementation of Islamic government ???

Double standard ??? 

Or political considerations ??

Or whatever it is, the scenario is revealing… for the parties in the opposition front, whatever their leaders do is good and whatever the ruling BN do are bad… even if the population thought otherwise.

They will present all kind of scenarios and all kinds of reasons to make sure the population of the country dislike and hate the ruling party and attracted to them.

The ‘political tsunami’ they created in 2008 is no longer existing and they have to find other kind of ‘tsunami’ to maintain their influence which is fading very fast while at the same time ward off onslaughts from the voters on weaknesses emerging very clear in states they won and ruled.

Failure to fulfill their promises made in 2008 and the weaknesses in administration as shown every now and then, they try hard to divert the attention and focus of voters to whatever they can against the ruling BN.

Now they harp on ‘make believe issues such as scorpene and the RM40 million donation to Sabah Umno’, the act which they do good which would, at the very least, create doubts in the voters minds.

And when Karpal was hitting out at Hudud which was worse than Soi Lek, belittling Islam and PAS, PKR youth and its head Shamsul Iskandar Mat Akin did not utter a word.

PAS youth was quite vocal against Karpal but not so demanding. 

Lucky for PAS, the party has former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa who is willing to sacrifice his position in defending Hudud and PAS policies.

He was later joined by Ulamak council deputy chief Dr Haron Din, and the by few others who proposed that Nik Aziz steps down and make way for new leaders.

Whether right or wrong, the protests by PKR and PAS youths against MCA and Soi Lek does not have much or any effect on voters minds and sentiments given the hypocrisy in whatever actions they take.

The double standards they practiced are crystal clear and voters know and see what they do… thus the protests against Soi Lek and MCA, to the voters are just a ‘show’.

What voters know and understand at present is that DAP is against Hudud and Islamic laws and PKR has been quiet on this just, just to make sure the ‘marriage of convenience’ among them ‘look good’.

And as far as PAS is concerned, regardless of NIk Aziz or not, the party is determine to go alone if it is necessary as the party continues to pursue its struggles and objectives.

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