Wednesday 24 October 2012


PAS is going into a new phase as more and more of the party members who are liberals called on Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the spiritual leader to step down and make way for young and new successor.

However, those who made the call are none other than the liberals who are aligned to PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim and who have made use of Nik Aziz to further strengthen their positions in the party.

Husam Musa is one of those who now finds Nik Aziz has no use to the group anymore and thus should step down and make way for someone he and others can control.

Nik Aziz’s position is the highest in the party where policies and rulings must be endorsed by the council he heads before they can be implemented.

With such great power, Anwar’s protégés in the party has been using him to steer the party to Anwar’s wishes which has been quite smooth until recently when former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa began ‘shooting at the scenario, revealing piece by piece the evil agenda.’

And Nasharuddin’s expose received good response from within the file and rank in the party to the extent that voices of disagreement towards the co-operation with DAP are now visible, no more buried and silent.

PAS central committee member Datuk Dr Hassan Ali, expelled due to his vocal resistance against Anwar and DAP, is also fighting the liberals from outside the party.

But his voice is only heard by outsiders not party members, unlike Nasharuddin, whose credentials are known and recognized by party members and outsiders alike.

His revelations prompted Nik Aziz deputy Dr Harun Din to issue statements that he is with Nasharuddin’s mind and this has changed the scenario in their political relationship or ‘marriage of convenience.’

With the present undercurrent in PAS urging the ‘elders’ to step down to give way to new blood who are fundamentalists, PAS relationship with DAP seems fragile and this worries even PKR, not just DAP.

With the three parties not on one platform, the oppositions cannot call themselves Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and DAP’s ambition of monopolizing the opposition goes down the drain along with the objective of ending the Malay political dominance.

Malay political dominance has been DAP’s ‘enemy’ all along as the party could not dominate Malaysia due to UMNO’s Malay hardcore minds.

Presently DAP dominates the opposition front as PKR is too weak to call the shots even in state ruled by the party example Selangor and two years back Perak which now fell back to BN.

In Kedah, DAP could not open its mouth as PAS dominates the state while Penang is truly a DAP state.

Thus, if PAS changes leadership before the general election is called and Dr Harun Din takes over Nik Aziz position, then DAP can kiss goodbye to its objective of ending the Malay political supremacy.

And of course, Anwar’s ambition of becoming Prime Minister will fly out of the window of his million ringgit bungalow.

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