Wednesday 24 October 2012


It seems that the pressure for Nik Aziz to retire is getting greater. 

Many among PAS are getting more and more anxious with the persistence of their Tok Guru to remain in power even though they refuse to admit that fact due to their loyalty towards him.

PAS itself seems to be a bit anxious with Nik Aziz's stubbornness in understanding people of Kelantan whom no longer believe in his leadership. 

Despite that, it has been part of Malays's culture in not confronting. 

Instead, it would be easier to talk behind him with the excuse of respecting a person who is older than they are, especially to a leader with the status of an Islamic Scholar. 

Due to that, Nik Aziz began to look like a person who is crazy for power as he refuse to back off even though it is time.

When the fact is, the person who was heavily criticized by PAS for being 'crazy for power' back then was Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has retired, even though up until today his physical and mental abilities are a lot stronger than anyone his age.

But, Nik Aziz who appears to be all religious, do not even want to let his post go to anyone else despite of the fact that he is unable to do anything anymore.

During a congratulatory speech made by PAS President on 22 years of leadership by Nik Aziz in Kelantan yesterday, he mentioned how Nik Aziz actually rejected the offer to become a Chief Minister back then.

Perhaps he was being sarcastic, with the hope that Nik Aziz would reconsider about his attitude of being a man crazy for power and post ???

Nik Aziz has been in the political arena since 1967, 45 years ago. 

Since then, he has been a Chief Minister for 22 years. 

There is no way that he is not tired from politics. 

If we are to say that he still has plans for Kelantan which is still yet to be implemented, it is simply illogical as he had more time than anyone to implement those things. 

When at the same period which he had, Tun Mahathir has managed to develop Malaysia from a third world country to Asian Tiger which is respected by countries around the world.

So, it is clear that there should be no more excuse for Nik Aziz to remain in power unless he is crazy for it. 

If it is true that he is still the same man as he was 22 years ago like when he rejected the post, he should retire without having to be criticized nor forced considering his mental and physical conditions.

The response which was given by Nik Aziz when asked whether he would compete again proves that he refuse to back off. 

He said that he is leaving his future to the hands of the highest leader, whether he should compete in the coming GE or not.

The fact is, he is the 'highest leader', being the Mursyidul Am, a post which is higher than the President.

Based on the fact, he is well aware that no one in PAS can come clean with him, telling him that he is no longer needed by people of Kelantan and he needs to retire.

It is clear that his answer was purely political and the intention was only to fool rakyat. 

Nik Aziz do not have any intention to retire as long as he breathes. 

He is convinced that if rakyat of Kelantan could live under his administration for 22 years without any development, what is wrong for him to stay with the post for a few more years ???

No Kelantanese died from dirty nor shortage in water supply, Nik Aziz has never stopped poor rakyat from making their money in other states, so what is the problem ???

Whatever it is, if it is true that Nik Aziz still wants to compete, then his fate will fall in the hands of rakyat Kelantan, lets see whether he would be a CM or former CM after this coming GE.

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