Thursday 25 October 2012


After being unable to deny the truth, that there was no trial made on the purchase of Scorpene submarine in France, SUARAM can no longer continue making the same lies. 

Thus, Cynthia Gabriel had to admit that the news which were told including the list of individuals which will be issued with subpoenas were simply fabricated. 

In other words, Cynthia Gabriel had to admit that she lied to the world.

Despite that, this does not mean that the traitor is embarrassed for lying because they do not know such thing. 

Instead, Cynthia and SUARAM is persistent to keep on lying by changing the course slightly.

Besides, the lie would need to keep on going so that all the funds which they have been receiving all these while would not go to waste just like that.

In lying, SUARAM did not hesitate in using just about any names, which include Government and French Judge, the wife of Prime Minister, and Jasbir Singh Chahl to strengthen their fabricated stories.

And despite of the fact they have been caught red handed for lying, SUARAM still insist on using the same modus operandi as their effort to bring down the government by lying and using people's names.

This time around, the name which they have picked would be former Police Chief, Tan Sri Musa Hassan. 

According to SUARAM, Tan Sri Musa Hassan will be speaking to journalists in Bangkok regarding Altantuya's murder. 

The title of the program is known as 'New Revelations In Altantuya Murder Case'.

Tan Sri Musa was shocked with the news and he quickly denied the matter. 

He do not understand why would the organization lie by using his name. 

He stressed that he is here in Malaysia and that he is not involved with the program in Bangkok.

Cynthia Gabriel definitely has a radioactive wall on her face considering that she is not even embarrassed for lying in open.

The fact is, of French prosecutors themselves had made official statement saying that there was no trial made on the submarine and that SUARAM had lie about it, this makes every single stories which has been sold by SUARAM were simply lies.

This includes the story on the involvement of higher leader or Malaysian Government in the murder of Altantuya.

SUARAM claimed that the murder of Altantuya was led by PM which was then either executed or witnessed by him or Datin Seri Rosmah. 

This murder was said to have began from the point where they were involved in the corruption of purchasing the submarine.

Thus, if French court found that SUARAM's complaint regarding the involvement of Malaysian Government and PM in corruption in the submarine was baseless and rejected it just like that, this means that their involvement was fabricated by SUARAM as well.

Considering that it has been proven that SUARAM simply made up all of those stories, the question here is that 'how far would they go to ensure that people would buy their story' ???

In another word, would they kill to ensure that they could fabricate stories in order to bring down Malaysian government ???

That is one of the issues which surrounds Malaysians these days. 

And this issue would haunt the opposition as GE draws closer because everyone know that SUARAM is just another one of opposition's masks.

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