Tuesday 30 October 2012


The actions of Opposition Leader in announcing the 'best Chief Minister Award' which was 'won' by Khalid Ibrahim is seen as politically incorrect, in a war shows that Anwar's performance in politics is deteriorating.

This minor mistake is not a normal thing for Anwar considering that he has been really smart when it comes to talking in politics that he manages to fool a lot of people including the Hews and internationally acclaimed leader, Tun Mahathir Mohamad for years and years.

However, recently, Anwar kept on making minor mistakes either for being trapped in tough situations such as when he was asked on his stand regarding Israel and sodomy trial, or perhaps he was scared that he might be caught such as the Omega watch case.

But in this 'Best Chief Minister' award slip up, Anwar is not in a stressed situation. 

Thus, there is a probability that the announcement was not a mistake but he really meant to announce the matter without even thinking of the consequences.

Pakatan Rakyat has four Chief Ministers and for Anwar to compliment only one would definitely raise this uneasy feeling for the other three. 

When the fact is, the performance of CMs should not be evaluated through the state's financial income because each states has its own issues based on the state's sources and social landscape.

In another angle, choosing to compliment a single CM is seen as an attempt to save the CM who is seen as weak. 

This is a basic political game where as a politician gets weaker, the more compliments would be given to him to ensure that supporters would still be able to put their trust on him.

That is why Anwar complimenting Khalid does not just backfire him, it also causes problems to people around him. 

According to a few blogs, this action is seen as a life-support for Khalid as his reputation is being tarnished by Azmin Ali and his group who uses Faekah Hussin, CM's Political Secretary as their scapegoat.

And naturally, when there is the best, there should be the worst. 

So, who is PR's worst CM ??? 

Even though Anwar did not really announce it, based on logic, Nik Aziz who has been ruling Kelantan for 22 years should automatically be the worst among the four.

Complimenting Khalid who has only been CM for a term can be said as a sarcasm for Nik Aziz as he never really managed to develop Kelantan at all. 

Kelantan even stayed as the poorest and under-developed state in Malaysia for more than two decades.

At the same time, rakyat is aware that Khalid Ibrahim is a weak CM, might not be as weak as Nik Aziz, but he is still weak for a CM. 

Under him, political issues which could cause loss for PR were not handled well. 

Few of the issues include murtad, alcohol and massage houses.

Besides that, under Khalid, rakyat has witnessed how UNISEL went down, Malay business owners under PKNS suffers risks, YBK land under risk of being taken, water issue which gets worse each day. 

Despite that, Selangor government still yet to provide any convincing answers nor solution.

Hence, even though Anwar seemed like complimenting Khalid, the assumption which is made by rakyat is that Anwar is trying to revive Khalid's image, thus, criticizing Nik Aziz.

Whatever it is, Nik Aziz should get Anwar's message. 

Anwar has been known for not having any respect for PAS, That is why such sarcasm was made by Anwar, to remind PAS how weak they are and that they are not at the same level as PKR and DAP in PR.

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